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Ecosystem pond for flyfishing

Ecosystem Pond at Vidlak Family Vineyards

Mud puddle transforms into thriving ecosystem pond In the heart of Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley, I had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Dan and Stephanie Vidlak. These prominent figures in our community recently acquired a stunning vinyard property and were building their dream home. They had a pond on a previous property, but it …

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Indoor Koi ponds

Challenging Domestic Koi Misconceptions

There’s a prevailing misconception that domestic koi are of lower quality than their Japanese counterparts. However, it’s important to note that both domestic and Japanese koi originate from the same roots — challenging the notion of inherent superiority. Domestic koi often match or surpass the quality of imported koi, regardless of the national origin of …

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Upselling Customers to Japanese Koi: Part 1

Koi hobbyists throughout the world would attest to Japanese koi as a beautiful addition to any pond. They can provide a stunning visual element while contributing to a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. Japanese koi, specifically, are known for their beauty and grace as they are prized for their …

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Goldfish: Get to Know Koi’s Timeless Sister Species

Koi are awesome, right? But how about them goldfish? It is interesting to see how the once mighty goldfish, or Carassius auratus, has transitioned into a much-overlooked secondary fish-keeping choice for pond owners. After sharing such a long and, at times, esteemed history with human cultures, the goldfish has been relinquished to the sidelines. Koi …

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Winter Pond

Winter Pond Preparations

Ponds in areas that can reach freezing temperatures need special attention to ensure any fish can survive the winter. If this is your customer’s first winter with their beautiful koi pond, they need to know that there are some changes in the pond that cannot be avoided as the fall season heads into winter. In …

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