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comfort zone

Creative Water Feature Construction

Step out of your creative comfort zone I began my water feature career 24 years ago at a greenhouse/nursery selling pond products. From there, my love of everything water grew tremendously. I went from working at a pond supply shop to working at multiple landscape companies that specialized in water features. Finally I started my …

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Rec Pond Kits and Training from Aquascape

Recreational ponds are the latest trend in outdoor living spaces. Traditional, chemically treated swimming pools are being replaced with water the way nature intended it to be. This means water that’s naturally balanced and filtered, providing a healthier, sustainable environment for human interaction. To meet this trend, Aquascape recently launched its new recreational pond kits …

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Lotus Bed

Choosing Aquatic Plants for a Water Garden

By Kelly Billing and Larry Carnes Use Nature as Inspiration When Choosing Aquatic Plants Nature has long served as inspiration to the pond builder. Wind and rain-weathered rock formations, jutted outcroppings and eroded stone from centuries of varying seasonal water flows are all naturally occurring structures that are often studied and near replicated to bring …

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personalized tropical pond

Personalized Pond Plantings

Homeowners Personalize Their Spaces in the Planting Phase Plants, both terrestrial and aquatic, are a huge part of naturalizing a newly constructed water feature. Not only do plants help soften up the hardscape, but they also help tie everything together. After the chaos of the construction phase has come to an end, and the machine …

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2022 Waterlily Competition

New Waterlily Competition Turns 25

The International Water Gardening Society (IWGS) New Waterlily Competition enjoyed a special year in 2022. It marked the 25th anniversary of the first competition, which was held in 1997 at Denver Botanic Gardens. We had the unique opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion during this year’s IWGS symposium held at the competition’s current host site, …

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