Koi Ponds

formal turtle and koi pond by Kent Wallace

Repeat Business – Formal Turtle and Koi Pond

Second time around for formal turtle and koi pond It’s not often that you get a chance to design more than one formal turtle and koi pond for a customer. I’ve been fortunate enough to have that happen a handful of times. The client will move, or in one instance, just jump from one general …

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Winter Pond

Winter Pond Preparations

Ponds in areas that can reach freezing temperatures need special attention to ensure any fish can survive the winter. If this is your customer’s first winter with their beautiful koi pond, they need to know that there are some changes in the pond that cannot be avoided as the fall season heads into winter. In …

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Koi Pond Wisdom

Koi pond wisdom on water quality and pond maintenance based on keeping koi over 20 years I live in Arkansas. In the surrounding 50-mile radius of my home, there are a few hundred fish farmers that mainly raise rosy reds, comets, koi and carp. I have noticed that carp that have some color are affectionately …

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