Kloubec Koi Farm
Sino-American Excellence Lotus is stunning and statuesque, growing up to 4 feet tall with huge, beautiful pink flowers... >> Read more
So, whenever I heard a client say, “I want my pond to look like a tropical oasis — a soft, sandy beach... >> Read more

2020's Top Ten Pond Articles on PondTrademag.com!

2020 was a tumultuous year, but the silver lining was spending more time with your family and being at home. For some contractors, homeowners and pond professionals this turned into reading more pond articles on PONDTrademag.com, where our web trafficMore...

Pond Construction | Three Generations Team up for Intricate Koi Pond Build

A little over a year ago, I was in Englewood, Florida, a beautiful town right around the corner from Venice Beach and world-famous Siesta Key. It was my second trip in just a few months, as I helped my parentsMore...


Flow, Friction and Total Dynamic Head: A Pump and Plumbing Primer for Ponds

When I was asked to revisit the subject of pump hydraulics, I was honored — and a little intimidated. I immediately wondered how I could make this article in some way more interesting than the mathematics involved. Let’s face itMore...

Tech Tip | How To Calculate Waterfall Flow

>> This is a sidebar to Demi Fortuna’s main feature, “A Pump and Plumbing Pond Primer” What if you wanted to know the flow of an existing waterfall, perhaps because you want to recreate the same effect? You can measureMore...

New Pond, Aquaponics Build for School During Pandemic

The year 2019 was just amazing from a business viewpoint. The economy was a business owner’s dream. Jobs were coming in faster than we could keep up with, and everything was good. As 2019 ended and a new decade began,More...


2012 Artist of the Year Calls on Nature with this Pondless Waterfall Update

I pay special attention to how each stone interacts with the others surrounding it and try to replicate mother nature at every turn.

Language of Koi | Essential Lingo for Describing Pond Koi

Nothing stands out in a pond quite like koi. Their bright colors and unique patterns are part of the reason why they are such a popular fish. Today, there are numerous breeds of koi, with each categorized by color, patternMore...