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Do You Have Metal Toxicity?

Even low levels of toxins can cause fish loss. A must read article about the signs for metal toxicity and what to do about it. When you thought you knew everything about water quality, there is more you need to know. Included are places to look to see if you are adding metals to your pond water and suggestions on what pond contractors and pond maintenance companies, and retailers can offer to their customers as solutions.

Language of Koi – Glossary

When your customer comes into the store and says, “I want a Tancho Sanke,” do you know what that means? Do you know what beni, matsuba, shiro, tosai, yodan Kohaku means? As the professional, you need to know these Japanese words and terms used commonly in the koi industry. Here is a quick, illustrated list of some of the more common words you will hear, explained simply and clearly.

Language of Koi – How to be Successful Selling Japanese Koi

There are three basic types of jobs in the koi business – buying/importing koi, selling koi and customer service. Learn from a well-known distributor the art of selling koi. What is the number one problem you want to avoid? Begin with step 1, buying koi/importing, in this first article by Mr. Mamoru Kodama. Included are tips on buying, quarantining and caring for your koi shipments.

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