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Pond Trade March / April 2024

March / April 2024

Eight is Great! And that’s a wrap! We have officially closed the book on the eighth year of our Water Artisans of the Year contest. Now it’s all yours to enjoy —check out the top 2023 water-gardening projects handpicked by our Supreme Stream Court. The POND Trade staff has been very busy behind the scenes […]

January /February 2023

January / February 2024

Happy New Year! Here we are again! It’s time for a fresh start and a brand new year as the calendar turns the page to 2024. It’s also a Leap Year, which means we get an extra day in the office this year. What are your resolutions for 2024?   Here at POND Trade, we are […]

November / December 2023

November / December 2023

Not a Numbers Person Behind every good businessperson is a good bookkeeper. Can I get an amen? I don’t know about you, but I am not a numbers person. I can design and publish a magazine, do fine art and create a beautiful garden, but when it comes to the left side of my brain, […]

September / October 2023 POND Trade magazine

September / October 2023

Pumkin Spice When these words are spoken too soon, they are actually cringeworthy! As I write this column, we are still in the throws of summer, and it’s not something I want to think about. In the midwest, summer is a treasure, and we live life to the fullest in the summer! But by the […]

July / August 2023 POND Trade

July / August 2023

Recreational ponds have been quite the hot topic for a few years now, and it seems even more so the case this summer season. POND Trade has covered quite a few pond construction articles about these dual-purpose pond builds for wildlife and people, both in our print issue as well as in our online “Contractor’s […]

May / June POND Trade

May / June 2023

Sn­­akes on a Plane? No — snakes on the cover of the May / June POND Trade issue! Full disclosure: I am deathly afraid of “my nemesis” (yes, snakes), but seeing that you can find them in yards on every continent except for Antarctica, it’s a really important topic to get across to our readers. […]

March / April 2023 POND Trade magazine

March / April 2023

Phew! Another year, another contest put to bed. Let me tell you, this was a BIG year. We had a record number of entries — almost 90! Since I get to see every single entry (lucky me!) I had a few observations. First off, you guys are really talented, but I think you know that. […]

January / February 2023 POND Trade magazine

January/February 2023

Out with the old, and in with the new! Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for a great new year. So, what’s on tap (no pun intended) for 2023? Are you promoting certain types of water features? Have you developed a niche? Are you planning on building some recreational ponds? What about […]

November / December 2022 POND Trade

November / December 2022

If you live in a cooler climate like I do (the U.S. Midwest), perhaps you are experiencing a slowdown this time of year. It might be time to sit back and take a long-deserved break. You’ve worked hard all season, and it’s time to take it down a notch. Now is also a good time […]

September/October Pond Trade

September / October 2022

You never know who you’re going to meet when you’re traveling. It’s so fun to meet people at various pond events and connect with them. I’ve chatted with people at the Water Garden Expo, Pondemonium, Atlantic-OASE conferences, and regional koi shows around the country, and they often share a topic with me that they would […]

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