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Current and back issues of POND Trade Magazine including pond business articles, water garden articles, and other pond news.

Pond Trade July / August issue

July / August 2024

Flower Power Oooh la, la. We have not just one but TWO articles about plants in the July /August 2024 issue. If you know me personally, you know that I’m really into flower gardening. I have a huge garden that I love to tend to. Back when I was initially looking into acquiring POND Trade […]

POND Trade May /June 2024

May / June 2024

The pond community is alive and well I’ve had the privilege of being on several pond-related business trips as of late. First, I went to the Bedrock memorial build prior to the Water Garden Expo in Oklahoma. Then a few weeks later, I flew out to Las Vegas to attend the first-ever All-American Koi Show. […]

Pond Trade March / April 2024

March / April 2024

Eight is Great! And that’s a wrap! We have officially closed the book on the eighth year of our Water Artisans of the Year contest. Now it’s all yours to enjoy —check out the top 2023 water-gardening projects handpicked by our Supreme Stream Court. The POND Trade staff has been very busy behind the scenes […]

January /February 2023

January / February 2024

Happy New Year! Here we are again! It’s time for a fresh start and a brand new year as the calendar turns the page to 2024. It’s also a Leap Year, which means we get an extra day in the office this year. What are your resolutions for 2024?   Here at POND Trade, we are […]

November / December 2023

November / December 2023

Not a Numbers Person Behind every good businessperson is a good bookkeeper. Can I get an amen? I don’t know about you, but I am not a numbers person. I can design and publish a magazine, do fine art and create a beautiful garden, but when it comes to the left side of my brain, […]

September / October 2023 POND Trade magazine

September / October 2023

Pumkin Spice When these words are spoken too soon, they are actually cringeworthy! As I write this column, we are still in the throws of summer, and it’s not something I want to think about. In the midwest, summer is a treasure, and we live life to the fullest in the summer! But by the […]

July / August 2023 POND Trade

July / August 2023

Recreational ponds have been quite the hot topic for a few years now, and it seems even more so the case this summer season. POND Trade has covered quite a few pond construction articles about these dual-purpose pond builds for wildlife and people, both in our print issue as well as in our online “Contractor’s […]

May / June POND Trade

May / June 2023

Sn­­akes on a Plane? No — snakes on the cover of the May / June POND Trade issue! Full disclosure: I am deathly afraid of “my nemesis” (yes, snakes), but seeing that you can find them in yards on every continent except for Antarctica, it’s a really important topic to get across to our readers. […]

March / April 2023 POND Trade magazine

March / April 2023

Phew! Another year, another contest put to bed. Let me tell you, this was a BIG year. We had a record number of entries — almost 90! Since I get to see every single entry (lucky me!) I had a few observations. First off, you guys are really talented, but I think you know that. […]

January / February 2023 POND Trade magazine

January/February 2023

Out with the old, and in with the new! Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for a great new year. So, what’s on tap (no pun intended) for 2023? Are you promoting certain types of water features? Have you developed a niche? Are you planning on building some recreational ponds? What about […]

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