Koi Pond Maintenance

Essential Koi Pond Maintenance Tips

By POND Content Network / May 15, 2023 / 1 Comment

This is an update of an earlier post. 5 Koi Pond Maintenance Tips Help Create the Perfect Habitat A koi fish can live for many years, especially in captivity. However, for them to grow and live a long life, their habitat must be optimal. Koi pond maintenance is essential to helping your fish thrive. Here […]

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Marvin Siderius Featured on “Holmes Family Rescue”

By POND Content Network / May 2, 2022 / 0 Comments

Canadian pond builder Martin Siderius, owner of WaterScapes by Bloom ‘N’ Dales, and his client, Frank Cozzolino, were featured in a recent episode of HGTV’s “Holmes Family Rescue” starring Mike Holmes.  The 12-episode series follows Holmes as he teams up with his son and daughter to rescue clients who are struggling with botched construction jobs. […]

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Introducing the New Zenshu Yasuyuki Fountain from Blue Thumb

By POND Content Network / March 27, 2022 / 0 Comments

The Zenshu Yasuyuki stone fountain makes a statement and adds interest to your landscape with its natural rough sides and flat polished surface surrounding three fountain plumes. Situated in the corner of a paver patio or flanking a grand entrance, the pooling water is a calm display of serenity that preludes the cascading of the […]

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Atlantic’s Hammered Brass Bowls

By POND Content Network / March 22, 2022 / 0 Comments

Atlantic’s beautiful new Hammered Brass Bowls complement any landscape, hardscape or poolscape with the timeless beauty of brass. In two sizes with a matching pedestal, the hand-hammered, solid brass bowls feature an attractive, acid-washed patina unique to each. Standpipes at the top of both overflowing and spillway styles create a bubbling-fountain effect and stabilize optional […]

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New for 2022: Starburst Mini Pond Fountain

By POND Content Network / March 12, 2022 / 0 Comments

EasyPro Pond Products has added the Starburst Mini Pond Fountain to their already impressive list of fountain products. It is powered by an energy-efficient, asynchronous mag-drive pump and features built-in, super bright LED lights for a burst of nighttime sparkle. The spray pattern is 2 ½ feet tall by 6 feet in diameter, making it […]

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Enhance Water Features With Easy-to-Install Lighting

By POND Content Network / March 9, 2022 / 0 Comments

Waterscape lighting takes your water projects to the next level by highlighting ponds, natural swimming pools, fountains, streams and waterfalls. Lighting these key features can be difficult due to shallow water, limited space or the safety of your fish. The easy solution is AMP Lighting’s new HydraPro MR11 Underwater Light. The HydraPro MR11 Underwater Light […]

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Getting your Pond Summer Ready!

By POND Content Network / March 8, 2022 / 1 Comment

Content Submitted by Nualgi Ponds. It’s that exciting time of year again where ponds are beginning to thaw & people are starting to reopen their ponds for the year. As the word shifts to more environmentally friendly solutions, remember that Nualgi Ponds is the natural way to get a beautifully clear and healthy pond while […]

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The Sawyer Mason Foundation is Established

By POND Content Network / February 11, 2022 / 0 Comments

The pond industry is always about giving back to the community, friends and those in need, and this video John G. Adams at Modern Design Aquascaping discusses his new Sawyer Mason Foundation, named for this grandson that passed away. From the video, Adams talks about the his grandson with some beautiful imagery and also the […]

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Blue Thumb Publishes 2022 Catalog

By POND Content Network / February 8, 2022 / 0 Comments

Blue Thumb’s 2022 wholesale catalog is now available and packed with more than 1,000 professional-grade fountains!  With 164 pages of professional-grade equipment for fountains, pondless waterfalls and ponds, this year’s catalog is filled with projects for you to design, install, and maintain profitably.  Blue Thumb 888/619-3474

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K+ Advanced Pressure Filters for Ponds Using K+Media

By POND Content Network / February 2, 2022 / 0 Comments

Introducing Evolution Aqua’s latest innovation in pond-filtration technology, the K+Advanced Filters. Manufactured by Evolution Aqua in the U.K., this new range of pressure filters has been specifically designed to use Evolution Aqua’s own filtration media, K+Media, to deliver exceptional water clarity while being economical to run. They are available in six sizes: 15”/2,400 gallons, 18”/3,600 […]

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