Kick-Ass Pond Fittings Launches New Product Line

A groundbreaking partnership between Zac Penn of Deepwater Koi Innovations and Shawn Rosen of Koi Market Aquatic Nursery launches the Kick-Ass Pond Fittings line of pond maintenance products at the Water Garden Expo in Shawnee, Oklahoma in late February. This collaboration introduces cutting-edge solutions designed to revolutionize pond care and maintenance. Innovations for Superior Pond …

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Black Oak Foundry Introduces New Product

Black Oak Foundry developed a new line of glass backplates to add that touch of color to your pool or water feature environment.
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EasyPro’s 4-Watt LED Rock Light

This realistic rock cover is molded from actual rock for a natural look that blends into the landscape of ponds, waterfalls and gardens.
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2023 Water Artisans of the Year

2023 Water Artisans of the Year Winners


Now in its eighth year, POND Trade magazine’s 2023 Water Artisans of the Year winners continue to captivate the industry […]

Runners Up 2023 WATY

2023 Water Artisans of the Year Runners-Up


What happens when two projects tie for first place? That’s a tough question we had to answer this year for […]


Meet the 2023 Water Artisans of the Year Judges


Known informally as the “Supreme Stream Court,” we packed the 2023 Water Artisans of the Year Judges panel with six […]

IWGS 2023 Winning Lillies

IWGS 2023 New Waterlily Competition Results


The International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society (IWGS) is proud to announce the results of the 2023 New Waterlily Competition […]

Eric Triplett

Podcasting for Pond Builders


I believe that podcasting is, hands down, the No. 1 smartest way to build your personal brand equity and blow […]

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Kick Ass Fittings
EasyPro Duraliner
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POND Trade gallery spotlight

Tax Implications of Disposing of Business Property

It is no surprise that many pond professionals fail to understand the tax ramifications of disposing of business property. Under our current rules, which are often confusing and complex, there are numerous ways to dispose of business assets: selling them, scrapping them, exchanging them for another business asset, or even giving them away, just to […]
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The Retail Rush

By Erin Porter, Hardscape Materials Inc. In the early days of COVID-19 and before life changed dramatically, I was treated to a trip to North Carolina for a seminar on water quality and fish health, which included a visit to a koi farm and dedicated retail pond store. It was a great trip and very […]
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