September / October 2014

Filtration, Circulation, Aeration and Cleaning

Maintaining a high-quality environment for your koi can be a complex endeavor. But according to Kent Wallace, success in your pond can be boiled down to four vital elements. In the first of a multi-part series, the owner of Living Water Solutions begins to outline his helpful blueprint for a clean, clear and healthy habitat.

Price Your Pond Construction Jobs Correctly: Stop undercutting yourself to start seeing positive cash flow

Offering a low price is a reliable way to gain customers. But some pond
professionals are so eager to land jobs that they lower their prices beyond
what is needed to sustain business. You can’t have cash flow without cash, and
taking on more jobs for less money is a sure recipe for bankruptcy. Michael
Stone, author of “Markup & Profit; A Contractor’s Guide Revisited,” offers a
strong argument for why you should stop undercutting yourself.

How Many Fish Can This Pond Hold?

New pond owners do their best to keep their fish healthy and happy. But thanks to the rapid breeding and growth rates of many fish, even the most well-intentioned fishkeepers can find their ponds dangerously overstocked in a matter of months. Carolyn Weise describes the circumstances that can turn a happy pond into a cramped, unhealthy habitat — and the steps you can take to prevent the transformation.

Renaissance Pond Man

Today’s tradesmen are highly specialized in one particular area. But is that the best approach? Eric Triplett longs to be like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo instead — a master of many different fields. Here, The Pond Digger explains what it means to be a true Renaissance man … and demonstrates how a desire for knowledge in many areas can change your career forever.

A Pond Atop a Pond

Pond lovers love fish. Pond lovers love plants. The problem: fish love plants too, and a few hungry koi can destroy your precious flora in a matter of days. Thankfully, creating an easy separation between the two is just one of the many benefits of an upper-pond design. From aesthetic appeal to filtration and oxygenation, Rick Smith outlines why a second tier may be just the design your water feature needs.

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