May / June 2011

Feeding Koi and Goldfish

You may know how to feed yourself, but what do you need to know to feed your fish? Learn how the aquatic environment is different from us (warm-blooded) folk. Pond fish are generally grazers, and therefore need a high level of protein in their diets. Learn how to provide your fish just what they need for strong health and growth. Includes a tip on vacation feeding too.

Facebook: Fan vs. Friend

Facebook is by far the most widely used form of Social Media on the planet. What does that mean for you and your business? As a business you will want to set-up a business page, which is different from your personal profile. Learn six of the top reasons why and how to use a business page on Facebook. Marketing expert, Pam, also shares some of her personal Facebook rules that she uses every day.

Most Important Lesson for a Strong Marriage

Many of us find ourselves married to both a business, and our spouse. To strengthen your personal and business relationships, here is expert advice about protecting your marriage from the ravages of life in business. In any relationship time together is critical. Learn the importance of making time to get to know the person you are with. Includes an in-depth terrific list of “together activities.”

Oxygen in Ponds

Dissolved Oxygen Concentration (DOC) is a critical element in every healthy pond. Here you will learn how it effects fish, how to detect low levels, what immediate actions to take if needed and how to prevent low DOC. Did you know plants can cause the DOC to significantly drop during the night? Oxygen levels are often overlooked in pond design and troubleshooting, but they are a critical element that pond pros must understand.

Language of Koi – Tancho

Tancho is a particular pattern on a koi that is striking and unique enough to have a special class. When someone says it is a tancho, the koi will have a red round(ish) spot on its head and no other red anywhere on its body. A tancho version can be found of many different varieties. See several variations of Tancho, and learn how it is distinguished from other koi.

Universal Appeal of Fountains

Fountains have captivated us for thousands of years, and they are both practical and beautiful. This self-powered, lighted, remote controlled invention makes it easy to add a fountain to any pond or water feature. It is easy to program and, as a bonus to its beauty, it adds aeration and water movement that is critical to the balance of every living pond.

Anoxic Filtration – is it a bog filter? Part 1

What is an anoxic filtration system? This simple inexpensive filtration system may be something you can use in your portfolio. Learn what it does, how it works and why you may want one. Designed by Kevin Novak, Ph.D., terms such as Laterite and biocenosis are explained in an easy to understand way. Included is a good review on how a conventional biological filter differs from anoxic filtration system.

In Demand – Top Selling Aquatic Plants

Find out what the top-selling aquatic plants in the trade are right now, and what makes them so popular? We asked a few of the top aquatic nurseries to share with us the plants that are in the highest demand. If you don’t grow or sell these plants now, you may want to consider adding them to your offerings! And what is one of the best-selling pond plants regardless of the region? – Water Hyacinth (where it is legal). Learn about this popular plant and 17 other top sellers.

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