How to Keep Herons from Attacking Fish, Koi or Goldfish

Pond predators come in many shapes and sizes, but herons present a sturdy challenge

 While all of us love critters and wildlife, in general, we have to keep pond predators like herons away from our beloved koi and goldfish. This video from Foisy Aquatics provides 10 methods to keep herons away from yourMore…

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Healthy or Stressed — It Makes a World of Difference

>> Also see the main feature,  “Waterlily Pests and Diseases: A Ten-Year Update.” Healthy waterlilies are very tough plants. They withstand rains, winds, droughts, hail storms, and neighborhood kids with sticks. And more importantly, pests usually ignore them. Thriving liliesMore…

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Koi Farm Security

See how Great Pyrenees dogs handle koi farm security. These huge dogs may look cute, but they are very effective against predators like snakes, birds, raccoons and humans. Long time animal specialist & Koi Farm owner shares her love forMore…

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