The Many Benefits of Pond Leaf Netting

Published on October 6, 2015

Submitted and written by Kevin Wintringer, KW Solutions, Inc.

As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves begin to fall, now is the time to consider installing a leaf net around your pond. Using leaf netting on your pond will help keep out the debris that harm water.

pond nettingWhen deciding on the right net for your pond consider some of these ideas. The right net allows for maximum protection with the proper amount of light, air and water flow through the netting.  So,  the choice of the mesh pattern depends on the type of tree leaves, needles, seeds and debris that might enter the water. A good leaf net is treated for UV exposure and includes a sewn binding and grommets. Stakes are helpful in securing the netting to the pond’s edges.

When measuring for a leaf net always remember to adjust the size to allow the net to be staked down on the outside edges of the pond liner. We recommend adding two feet past all rocks and the water’s edge. With most pond netting the use of stakes and tie downs are used to secure the netting for the fall and winter seasons. Don’t forget to use a few well-placed rocks on the edges of the nets to allow the natural look of the ponds surroundings.

pond nets
Stock sizes may not always be the best choice for a pond and its plantings. Custom leaf nets give the customer options which result in a custom fit.

Stock sizes may not always be the best choice for a pond and its plantings. Custom leaf nets give the customer options which result in a custom fit. We offer to all of our customers the option of custom design and sizing for our premium pond leaf nets. Our premium nets can be ordered in many widths and lengths.

Recently customers have been inquiring about stream protection and we have released a line of premium stream nets in four and six foot widths by any length. They have the same specifications and quality as our premium pond nets.

Other reasons to use netting on your pond is to protect your fish from Blue Heron and critters. Our company offers netting in two sizes, one and two-in. mesh. The two-in. mesh net is suited for most ponds that have rocks built up on the outside edges. Supporting the net above the water’s surface is the best protection for the fish.

Herons usually want to land at the pond’s edge and walk in a step or two and wait, this cannot happen with a net in place. When the netting is pulled tight it is almost invisible and will give the fish protection needed while there is no foliage growing. The best part of the two-in. mesh netting is that foliage can grow right through the netting and mature. The netting is easily lifted off the foliage when there is sufficient coverage for the fish.

The one in. mesh blue heron & critter protection net gives the same protection to the pond as the two in. mesh, but is usually used in shallow ponds where the heron can get his head through the two-in. mesh and get a few fish. A one-in. mesh is also used when there are raccoons, cats or minks stalking any sized pond. This tighter mesh will deter the pawing action of the critters. (We are assuming that they believe it’s some form of a trap, either way they are getting great results from this netting.)

pond netting

No matter what size or shape the pond is, you should consider the right product for your location. The tree leaves and snow amounts will make a difference in the strength of the leaf nets you should consider. Also having grommets to secure the net tightly to the ground is critical to having the net stay in place all winter long. The warmer climates can use a lighter mesh for protection and shading in some cases.

Kevin Wintringer, President of KW Solutions, Inc., or 716/662-2785. 

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