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A Son’s Perspective on a Successful Family Business

A father and son working together is a common story told throughout history, with multiple different endings. It can often be a dream of father-son bonding or a nightmare of resentment and hurt feelings. In reality, the story is usually somewhere in between; similar to anything in life, it can have its ups and downs. …

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comfort zone

Creative Water Feature Construction

Step out of your creative comfort zone I began my water feature career 24 years ago at a greenhouse/nursery selling pond products. From there, my love of everything water grew tremendously. I went from working at a pond supply shop to working at multiple landscape companies that specialized in water features. Finally I started my …

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Sleeping with the Enemy

How to Run a Business with Your Spouse

If you have a perfect relationship with your spouse in your personal life and in running your business without any animosity, resentment, conflict or issues, you can stop reading now. But if you run a “ma-and-pa” business working with your spouse or significant other, can we talk? When my husband Paul and I launched The …

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Streaming Pond Video Sales Tool

One of the most effective ways to reach large numbers of people is via video, whether live or recorded. Can you imagine a world without it now, especially during the global pandemic? Thanks to video, I have been able to carry on talking with clients and inspiring thousands and thousands of people with content that I originally …

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