Kick-Ass Pond Fittings Launches New Product Line

Published on April 17, 2024

A groundbreaking partnership between Zac Penn of Deepwater Koi Innovations and Shawn Rosen of Koi Market Aquatic Nursery launches the Kick-Ass Pond Fittings line of pond maintenance products at the Water Garden Expo in Shawnee, Oklahoma in late February. This collaboration introduces cutting-edge solutions designed to revolutionize pond care and maintenance.

Innovations for Superior Pond Health and Clarity

At the forefront of the Kick-Ass Pond Fittings launch are the innovative Kick-Ass Bottom Drain and Kick-Ass Retro Bottom Drain series. They are a testament to a commitment to enhancing pond maintenance and cleanliness across a variety of pond types. The Kick-Ass Retro Bottom Drain is a state-of-the-art design compatible with liner, concrete, and gravel bottom ponds. It features an adjustable height bottom plate, offering the unique ability to modify the intake height starting at ⅝ inch, with options to adjust up to ⅞ inch and 1⅛ inches, among other settings. This adaptability sets it apart from other retro drains in the market. Designed for simple hookup, these drains are available in 2”, 3”, and 4” versions, with or without aeration, and incorporate a custom 9” air diffuser for optimal oxygen distribution. Their self-weighted design and patent-pending protection against suction tears in liner highlight a dedication to innovation in the pond hobby.

The new Kick-Ass Bottom Drain is designed to be installed in either a liner or concrete based pond and is your best defense in the removal of fish waste and sunken debris at the bottom of the pond. Designed in both 3” and 4” models, the low-profile innovative design pulls debris from the bottom of the unit instead of the side providing a better 360 degree pull than other products on the market. Its heavy-duty schedule 80 construction is designed for either gravity or pump fed pond designs. To round off the genius of this product, the patent pending no leak encapsulated screw and O-ring design eliminates the need for adhesives and sealants making installation a breeze and a game changer for the pond industry. 

Expanding the scope of our line, the versatile Kick-Ass Flange INO Fitting will become the go-to fitting anytime you need to penetrate a hole through a liner or you’re in need of an intake or return through a pond wall. The heavy-duty construction of these fittings, along with a no-leak dual O-ring design, simplifies installation and eliminates the need for silicone, making them a perfect choice for various applications like sidewall returns, mid-level intakes, and overflow management.

Each product in the Kick-Ass line undergoes a rigorous process of deconstruction, competitive analysis, and redesign from the ground up, focusing on form, function, and meticulous attention to detail. This process ensures that the pond fittings are not just tools but solutions engineered to provide the best functionality for koi ponds or water gardens. Designed for use on concrete, EPDM, vinyl, and butyl liners, these products embody a vision for bold solutions that result in crystal clear outcomes for pond enthusiasts.

These products are just the beginning of an innovative new lineup designed at its heart to make pond design more functional.

For more information, visit or contact Shawn Rosen at 516/ 809-6771.

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