Koi Pharma Debuts Revolutionary Fish Care

Published on March 15, 2024

Koi Pharma announced its debut at the Water Garden Expo 2024, February 28 to March 1st in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The new brand introduces a range of innovative products aimed at enhancing the health and maintenance of ponds and fish.

Advancements in Fish Care

Targeting the well-being of Koi and goldfish, Koi Pharma introduces its Bacterial Control Koi Food, a groundbreaking formula to combat sores, fin & tail rot, red streaks/patches, and redness in ornamental Koi & Goldfish. Its innovative design allows dual feeding options to accommodate both surface and bottom feeders while actively combating stubborn bacterial infections.

Koi Pharma Broad Spectrum emerges as a fast-acting remedy for a wide range of common parasitic and fungal issues as well as providing protection against secondary bacterial infections from open wounds.

For those battling fluke infestations, Koi Pharma Pure Prazi – Fluke Eliminator is the #1 choice for stubborn Gill and Skin flukes issues and can be used prophylactically in Spring and Fall. To round out the launch, Koi Pharma Pure Nitro is an amazing whole pond bacterial treatment, ultra-effective against the toughest bacterial issues including Columnaris, Flexibacter, Bacterial Gill Disease, Aeromonas Bacteria, Mouth, Fin, and Tail Rot.

These first four products are just the start of the Koi Pharma Line and will become your go to trusted products in your “Koi Medicine Cabinet”. Stay tuned for more product announcements over the coming months.

A Commitment to Excellence

Michael Simoes, Koi Pharma’s President, stated: “Koi Pharma represents our dedication to advancing pond and fish care through scientific innovation and quality manufacturing. Our presence at the Water Garden Expo 2024 is not just a launch; it’s a promise to our customers that we will continue to provide products that set new standards in effectiveness and ease of use.”

The Water Garden Expo 2024, known for its extensive showcase of industry innovations and educational opportunities, provides the perfect backdrop for Koi Pharma’s debut. Attendees were invited to experience firsthand the difference Koi Pharma products make in maintaining healthy, beautiful ponds.

About Koi Pharma

Koi Pharma is dedicated to advancing the well-being of Koi and goldfish through the development of products that address common health issues and provide innovative maintenance solutions for ponds. With a commitment to quality and effectiveness, Koi Pharma aims to support pond enthusiasts and professionals in maintaining vibrant aquatic environments.

For more information, please visit www.koipharma.com and for wholesale inquiries contact Michael Simoes at 631/921-3459.

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