November / December 2012

KHV – It Can Happen in Your Pond

After years of devastating koi losses from the virus known as KHV, we now have a vaccine available – CAVOY, designed to protect our koi. Learn about how the vaccine works and what you need to know about its implementation and application. As with all disease, prevention is often the best solution. Roughly 15% of koi dealers have suffered a KHV outbreak. While CAVOY is not a cure it may help you avoid an infection in your tanks and customers’ ponds in the future, so it is something to be up to date on.

Pond Plant Profitability

There are hundreds of existing ponds in this country that need your help. Plants are what transform a water feature into a water garden. Learn how to create unity, balance, color, and the all-important benefit, improve water quality. Plants are an integral part of the pond industry. Plants can be key in new construction or refreshing existing neglected ponds. Be sure you are taking full advantage of what plants can do to enhance your pond projects’ beauty, function and profitability.

How to Have a Positive Response to the Negative

How do you handle negative feedback? It is easy to take a negative attitude about it. Instead, learn here how to deal with negative comments made to you or about your company in the best way. Remember, it is important to respond, but knowing what to say can be difficult. There are many things you should take into account. Are you timely, calm… Do you apologize, say thank you… Customer service in this industry is very important; learn from an expert how to handle negatives in a positive way.

Language of Koi – Ochibashigure, Friendly Koi Variety

Want a friendly and fast growing koi for your customers’ ponds? Take a look at the Ochibashigure. Learn the qualities of this koi; including its coloration, fukurin/netting pattern and the importance of a Kohaku like pattern in its overall appeal and value. Beautiful photos illustrate the power and attraction of this less known variety of koi, that can be an interesting addition to your koi inventory and stimulate new sales.

Selecting the Correct External Pond Pump

External pond pumps will be the pump of choice for many of your upcoming pond projects. They can be ideal for tall waterfalls, pulling from bottom drains, formal fountains, and places a submersible pump is not practical or attractive, or to save your customer on utility bills. Pump designs and applications vary, so read about when to use a flooded suction or a self-priming pump, and the importance of figuring dynamic head in your plans. The advantages and best use of external pumps are covered in this comprehensive article.

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