January / February 2014

To Change or Not to Change? The impact of raising and lowering prices

After 24 years of rapid and very successful growth in the water features industry, many contractors who specialize solely in water features have been faced with a very challenging economy in recent years. Since the economy has, historically, been a cyclical beast, we can be confident that this too shall pass over into better times. …

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Weather the Winter Without Fishcicles

While mammals have a plethora of techniques for surviving single-digit temperatures, fish, frogs and turtles are stuck with just two: changing their eating habits and moving to a new part of your pond. In this important article, Justin Lorson offers information and tips to help your pond pets survive the winter months. Take close notes and they’ll thank you when the ice thaws!

It’s Toadally a Frog!

To many pond owners, frogs and toads are about as different as creeks and cricks. In reality, these two amphibians vary greatly in diet, anatomy and habitat. If you’d like to know a bit more about the noisy, four-legged hoppers in your pond, read Benjamin Timmermans’ comprehensive overview and see these fascinating creatures in a whole new light!

The Water Treatment Plant in your Backyard

Imagine a pond of immense beauty with beautiful plants, plenty of wildlife — and very little hard work involved! Sounds like a wonderful but unrealistic fantasy, doesn’t it? According to the experts at Ecological Laboratories, Inc., gorgeous and low-maintenance ponds are well within reach for even the busiest people. The secrets, they say, can be found in sophisticated wastewater treatment plants!

How to Build an Elephant

When Jason Lenox arrived in Galena, Ill. to scope out a potential project site, he didn’t know what to expect. One look at the massive farm property, though, and he knew one thing for sure: this would be no ordinary backyard pond! In part one of a two-part series, the owner of Ponds Inc. outlines the meticulous planning necessary to pull off a large-scale pond installation.

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