Peter Celauro greatly enjoys his role as editor of POND Trade Magazine. While his journalism chops greatly outweigh his pond knowledge, he finds the field rife with natural beauty and is thrilled to be learning so much from such fascinating and knowledgeable people. An avid writer, editor and web designer based in Clarendon Hills, Ill., Peter spent four years honing his craft at Pepperdine University and continued his studies at NYU's Summer Publishing Institute. When not devouring pond articles like a koi in springtime, Peter serves as the marketing manager for a group of electronics companies in Chicago's western suburbs and the creator and editor-in-chief of Digital Literary Magazine. Peter is still beaming after marrying his soulmate in 2012 and harbors a passionate (but unrequited) love of golf.

Pond or Pool: The fierce and divisive swim pond debate

By Peter Celauro / January 1, 2014 / 4 Comments

To swim or not to swim? To say that the question has sparked lively discussion would be a gross understatement; indeed, there may be no more divisive debate in the history of ponding! Here, POND Trade editor Peter Celauro interviews the experts to uncover the truth about swim ponds and natural swimming pools. (Warning: their answers may surprise you!)

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