January / February 2011

Language of Koi – Ki Utsuri

Utsuri are a popular variety of koi. One of the lesser known versions is the Ki Utsuri, and its metallic cousin, the Kin Ki Utsuri. While the well known and loved Shiro Utsuri dominates sales of the variety, with its bold black and white features. There are also Ki (yellow) and Hi (red/orange) Utsuri. Get the whole story about Ki Utsuri in this issue.

pond test strip

Pond Water Test Kits: Selection and Proper Use

*Thank you to Ecological Labs, Eastern Nishikigoi, Industrial Test Systems, Mars FishCare, and Tetra Pond for providing the photos. * Those of us in the business understand that in spite of our best efforts a customer’s pond paradise may turn into a nightmare if they do not perform some basic maintenance tasks. To make sure …

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Aokiya Koi Farm

(Excerpt from the book KOISHI)
An in-depth interview with the creator of the koi variety Kikokuryu, Mr. Haruo Aoki. Learn how his childhood koi experience inspired him, and about the creation of a new koi variety. This is a sample chapter from the new book KOISHI.

Getting the Most Out of Your Pumps

Does pipe size make a difference in Pump performance? Yes, learn from 25-year water feature expert. Easy to follow Flow Rate diagrams. See how you may be undersizing the pipe/tubing sizes in your installations. Help your clients by providing well-optimized pond systems that get the most out of every pump.

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