January / February 2010

Dealing with Theft in Your Business

‘Fidelity’ Losses: Prevent, Protect, Insure & Recover – Read expert tips on preventing theft and embezzlement. Plus – how to deal with insurance and taxes if it happens. Learn the steps you should take when there is a problem, including the need to prepare and submit a “proof of loss.” Also included are important tips about the tax rules covering your loss. A must read for every business owner.

The Use of Color in Ponds

Regardless of the situation, there is a plant, or a combination of plants, that will fill any void with color and interest in a water garden. Our plant expert goes into great detail about the many plants that are available, when to use them and how to mix them. Be sure to not only think about the color from the flowers, but the leaves of the plant too.

Language of Koi – Glossary

When your customer comes into the store and says, “I want a Tancho Sanke,” do you know what that means? Do you know what beni, matsuba, shiro, tosai, yodan Kohaku means? As the professional, you need to know these Japanese words and terms used commonly in the koi industry. Here is a quick, illustrated list of some of the more common words you will hear, explained simply and clearly.

Mom Says You Should Play Nice

Here are reminders of simple things that your Mom taught, such as “don’t interrupt.” With the start of a new year, it’s time to revisit the top 10 rules of communication. Included are tips on how to strengthen your Professional Image and how the industry can work together better in 2010.

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