Stunning Water Feature Wins Best Waterfall Category

Published on February 28, 2017

Building a new waterfall amid an already existing network of waterfalls, pools and streams under the watchful eye of a master certified gardener nicknamed Llama Mama might intimidate some contractors. But, as John Adams was able to prove to a Knoxville homeowner with high expectations, a little careful craftsmanship, some locally-sourced driftwood and more than 200 tons of nearby mountain boulders can make it look as though it had been there for centuries.

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Atlantic Oase Training
 This 140-foot-long, resplendent pondless waterfall integrates seamlessly into an aquatic wonderland along a stone path winding through the property. A variety of house aquatic plantings, including ferns, rushes and carnivorous plants, encircles a 3,000-gallon underground reservoir, which required a world of patience and skill to install amid the multiple springs just beneath the surface.

This unique project is memorable for many reasons, not the least of which the fact that Adams considers it some of the best work of his career.

Llama Mama’s faith in a determined contractor awarded her with the waterfall of her dreams and a welcome addition to her refuge farm for llamas, pit bulls, potbelly pigs and longhorn steer. It will have a special place in John’s portfolio for years to come, not just because of the memorable customer, but also the fact that it represents some of the best work he feels his team has ever done.

John Adams

John Adams has built ponds and features for more than 20 years, with projects spanning across 11 states. He is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor and a certified rainwater harvesting professional who enjoys delivering educational speeches at garden centers, garden shows and other trade shows. You might have seen him or his company, Modern Design Aquascaping, on HGTV or across many of the industry’s publications. Based in Friendsville, Tennessee, he is a staple of the industry in the southeastern United States.

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