Sidebar | What’s on the Pond Maintenance Truck


Here are some items we keep in our pond maintenance trucks. While this works for us, make sure you tailor this list to fit your specific needs.

  • Water Parameter Test Kit
  • Extendable Net Poles (2)
  • Pool-style Nets (4 to 5)
  • Plant Trimmers
  • Lily Tab Feeders
  • Hand Tools (screwdrivers, channel locks, pipe straps, etc.)
  • Extension Cord (50-foot)
  • Hose (50-foot)
  • Electric Power Washer (small)
  • Hand Brush
  • Pool Brush (wire)
  • Bacteria
  • Rock Cleaner
  • Water Conditioner
  • Algaecide/ Fountain Treatments
  • Pond Salt
  • Fertilizer Tabs
  • Liquid Barley
  • Miscellaneous PVC Fittings
  • Spare Autofills
  • Spare Pond Light Bulbs
  • Spare Filter Pads (Bulk)
  • Waders
  • Tool Sanitizing Spray or Dips

These are some basics. The list seems large, but these items are easily kept in a small pickup bed with room to spare.

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