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Published on July 1, 2012

1_muck_truck_max_large_pebbles The concept of the motorized wheelbarrow originated in the UK, a design that incorporated a hydraulic tipping system for the first micro dumper by Honda for the UK market. The Honda HP400 powered carrier was sold through the existing dealer network and the concept of micro dumpers was then recognized in the industry to work alongside light-weight backhoes.

It was soon realized there was a need for a lighter, smoother, faster and more cost- effective micro-dumper than was currently available in the market place. Thus the first motorized wheelbarrow (Bizzy) was developed in 1986. This machine had only two front drive wheels and had to be supported by the operator.

From this evolved the Muck Truck, which is a commercial grade – 4 wheel drive power wheelbarrow available in gas or electric.

These units come with optional attachments that convert the main unit into multiple products (flat bed, snow removal, vacuum, forklift and tow attachment) allowing the unit to be used for many different jobs, outdoors and indoors (our electric e-truck model) in many varied industries such as construction, landscaping, pool and pond companies, wineries, concrete, mining, and so forth.

The use of these units allows workers to work more efficiently with less man hours because the Muck Truck has the capacity to carry 3 times the volume of a traditional wheel-barrow and up to 800 lbs capacity with very little muscle power allowing the contractor to take on more projects and saving manpower.

Our products are manufactured in the United States and have been in production for over 16 years. We are devoted to supply quality products at affordable prices.

Muck Truck Power Wheelbarrows – American Made • American Jobs

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  1. It’s not just the efficiency for employees, electric wheelbarrows mean employees don’t have to strain themselves pushing loads. I work for Nu-Star and we get a lot of compliments about how our motorised wheelbarrows have made life a lot easier. They really are a great product.

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