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Published on October 29, 2015

A Ginrin Showa, note the Ginrin shines silver (Gin).
Ginrin Showa. Note that the Ginrin shines gold (Kin) on red

Depending on how you categorize koi, it is said that there are as many as 120 different varieties. And the Ginrin variety definitely contributes to the wide-range attraction of koi. Ginrin is a unique variety because its shine can appear in almost all the varieties.

Although Ginrin varieties are all shiny koi, there are distinctive differences between Ginrin and Hikarimono, including Hikari Muji, Hikari Moyo and Hikari Utsuri. While Ginrin do not shine themselves, but rather have glitters on the scales, the body of Hikarimono like Ogon shines by itself.

Ginrin have been recognized and available for many years, but the hobbyists had to wait until the 1960s, when Mr. Kamidera in Hiroshima fixed the Ginrin variety and made it more constantly available in terms of quality and quantity. For the characteristics of the shine, his Ginrin was called “Daiya Ginrin.” (Daiya means diamond in Japanese.) It is interesting that the Ginrin that was first developed in Niigata had to come to Hiroshima to be completed.

Kin means “gold.” “Gin” means “silver.” Rin means “scales.” Thus, Kin-Gin-Rin means scales that shine gold and silver. It shines gold on Hi (red) and silver on Shiroji (white). Kin-Gin-Rin is often shortened as simply “Ginrin.”

koi fish pond
Ginrin Kohaku. Note that the Ginrin shows silver (Gin) on white.

Pearl Ginrin is also worth mentioning. Unlike Daiya Ginrin, it shines like small pearls. Sekiguchi Koi Farm has been producing pearl Ginrin, but it is very difficult to find the quality ones due to the limited production.

In Kin-Gin-Rin appreciation, we need to pay attention to:

  • The quality of Ginrin
  • Excellence as its original variety

The Quality

Whether it is Ginrin Kohaku or Ginrin Bekko, the quality of Ginrin always comes first. In other words, no matter how excellent the koi is as a Kohaku, if it has poor Ginrin, it is not a good koi. Especially at koi shows, it will not do any good.
The perfect Ginrin defines the consistent glitter from the shoulder through the tail, on Hi or on Shiroji. Some koi may have strong shine on the Shiroji of its shoulder and little shine on the other parts of the body. That is not highly appreciated.

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Aqua UV
It is also important to consider the age. Whether you buy Japanese koi or domestic koi, when they are small it is not difficult to find the ones with excellent Ginrin. Because scales are small, even poor-quality Ginrin appear to have a strong shine. But as the fish age, their scales become bigger and the roughness of the Ginrin becomes more visible. Obviously the ones that can still shine strong even with a bigger body (and bigger scales) are the highest quality.

The Variety

After examining the Ginrin quality, examine koi with the guideline of each variety. If it is Ginrin Kohaku, after checking the quality of Ginrin, you check if the koi is good as a regular Kohaku or not. If it is Ginrin Sanke, check it with the guideline of Sanke.

Marketing the Ginrin variety should not be that difficult, as glittering varieties like them seem to attract customers easily. Please guide your clients with the basic points of appreciation.

Recommending specific breeders for this kind is not easy, as Ginrin can appear in any variety. Teradomari Koi Farm is definitely one of the good ones, but only for Ginrin Kohaku. If you happen to be in Niigata, I recommend you visit Maruhiro Koi Farm and Hiroi Koi Farm. You may find some excellent Ginrin there.

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