Kick-Ass Pond Fittings Launches New Product Line

A groundbreaking partnership between Zac Penn of Deepwater Koi Innovations and Shawn Rosen of Koi Market Aquatic Nursery launches the Kick-Ass Pond Fittings line of pond maintenance products at the Water Garden Expo in Shawnee, Oklahoma in late February. This collaboration introduces cutting-edge solutions designed to revolutionize pond care and maintenance. Innovations for Superior Pond …

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Black Oak Foundry Introduces New Product

Black Oak Foundry developed a new line of glass backplates to add that touch of color to your pool or water feature environment.
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EasyPro’s 4-Watt LED Rock Light

This realistic rock cover is molded from actual rock for a natural look that blends into the landscape of ponds, waterfalls and gardens.
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Language of Koi: Kumonryu Change is Good!


Seeing is believing as they say and the Kumonryu (koo – mon –roo) variety of koi is probably the most fascinating of them all. See and learn how Kumonryu (translated means “Nine Crested Dragon”) are different from other koi varieties.

Be Careful of the Plants You Plant Near Your Pond


Be careful what you plant, especially near liner ponds. Roots can do damage to even thick liner. In this case, a variegated water reed grass that has sharp pencil sized spikes, poked holes through a liner causing the pond to leak.

Want More Web Traffic? Content is King – Still!


An in-depth review of how important your website content is. Includes a summary of dos and don’t that you want to do for e-mail campaigns, social media and websites. What is an SEO? Update, update, update your site with quality content correctly.

Pond Leaks, Part One: Initial Investigation Techniques


Leaks can be tough to figure out, not only identifying whether there is a leak, but also, finding it. In Part I, our investigation will start with the easily examined causes with a step-by-step locating process. Includes techniques for avoiding leaks from the beginning.

My Favorite Aquatic Plants


Four leading aquatic plant experts each share their three favorite plants. This turned out to be much harder then any of them anticipated, with so many plants to choose from. See their final choices and hear why they selected each one. Included is a great chart to see at a glance how the plants compare. Maybe you will find a new favorite yourself.

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EasyPro Duraliner
Kick Ass Fittings

POND Trade gallery spotlight

Tax Implications of Disposing of Business Property

It is no surprise that many pond professionals fail to understand the tax ramifications of disposing of business property. Under our current rules, which are often confusing and complex, there are numerous ways to dispose of business assets: selling them, scrapping them, exchanging them for another business asset, or even giving them away, just to […]
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The Retail Rush

By Erin Porter, Hardscape Materials Inc. In the early days of COVID-19 and before life changed dramatically, I was treated to a trip to North Carolina for a seminar on water quality and fish health, which included a visit to a koi farm and dedicated retail pond store. It was a great trip and very […]
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