New Business Opportunities

Why Have a Gift Shop and What Sells

Learn from our industry expert about the ins and outs of having a gift shop as part of your pond store. Anita shares with you eight great reasons why you should have one; what gift items have worked for her; and which have not. She even includes tips about trends, buying, bargains and the big expensive stuff. She wrote this article while working the cash register of her gift shop – thanks Anita!

Big Payback with Eco-Friendly Lake & Pond Management

ROI (Return on Investment) is one big reason to provide lake and pond management. Lakes are an important part of our landscape; they add beauty, provide recreation, and are a habitat for fish and wildlife. But an out of balance pond can be pretty awful. Learn about the importance of Aeration; Beneficial Bacteria; and Weed and Algae Controls. Besides being good for business it also helps the communities we live in.

Aquaponics Explained, Part 1

If you have been paying attention this year, you will have heard a lot of buzz about Aquaponics. This article will cover in detail the ins and outs of this emerging market. What are media beds? What is the importance of fish in an Aquaponics system? What are the major formats being used now? A must read that may lead to new ventures for you and your customers.

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