Bringing the Outdoors In

By Scott Hammond

Published on April 30, 2015

Our customer, Tyler, wanted an indoor waterfall and lots of plants in the atrium of his 39-unit apartment building in downtown Ellensburg, Washington. This was a challenging project due to the location; the atrium was directly over a basement parking garage for the apartment complex.

We’re on it, Tyler! With lush plantings, potted trees throughout, lots of lighting, a misting system, streetlamps and comfortable seating, we knew this was going to be a good one.

May Contractor's CornerMay Contractor's Corner

[box]The enclosure’s interior was completely lined with spray-on polyurea by Zuber Polymers.[/box]

First, we applied spray-on polyurea throughout the enclosure, with drainage to the parking garage below. (That part wasn’t really on the “menu,” but Aquascape techniques were employed throughout.) The enclosure’s interior was completely lined with spray-on polyurea by Zuber Polymers as a secondary catchment safety factor in the event of a leak. A floor drain was led to the parking garage below the installation.

We located the reservoir of the pondless installation over the truss underneath and used styrofoam as “dirt” to lighten the load as well as “Featherstone” (pumice) for the rock in the feature. The gravel we used was volcanic beach lava from Coverall stone.

Aquatic plants were provided by Endless Song Watergardens, and terrestrial plants and pots were supplied by Beaver Bark Gift and Garden Center.

May Contractor's CornerMay Contractor's Corner

[box]The waterfall starts take shape in the office atrium.[/box]

May Contractor's cornerMay Contractor's Corner

[box]The reservoir of this pondless installation over the truss underneath and used styrofoam as “dirt” to lighten the load as well as “Featherstone” (pumice) for the rock in the feature.[/box]

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Design/Installation: E. Scott Hammond, Blue Creek Landscape, Inc.

Project Location: Ellensburg, WA

Contact Info:;

Size: 16-foot radius on retaining wall enclosing a pondless waterfall with dual headwaters and 14 feet of combined stream length


  • Spray-on Polyurea by Zuber Polymers (Secondary catchment inside enclosure)
  • Styrofoam Blocks
  • Geotextile Underlayment
  • 45-mil EPDM Firestone Pond Liner: 20 feet by 25 feet
  • Two Aquascape Aquasurge Pro 2000-4000 Pumps with remote control
  • Five Large Aquascape Aquablox
  • Four Small Aquascape Aquablox
  • Two Aquascape Waterfall Spillways
  • Aquascape Flexible 2-inch PVC: 30 feet
  • Featherstone (Pumice): 1020 lbs. (cut in half to extend coverage area)
  • Beach Lava Cobbles (one-half-inch to 4-inch variety): 1200 lbs.
  • 24 Aquatic Plants
  • 18 Terrestrial Plants
  • Aquascape L.E.D. lighting: four 3-watt and five 1-watt

Completion time:  Twelve days (does not include construction of enclosure or masonry work)

Crew size: Varied on different days. Average of 2 to 3 people.

Project cost: $28,990. (Includes spray-on polyurea inside enclosure and all work inside of enclosure on water feature construction. Does not include construction of enclosure or associated masonry work. Does include terrestrial plants and planters for feature and atrium.)




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