Back to Japan for Brian Fitzsimmons and Fitz’s Fish Ponds!

Published on December 29, 2020

Fitz Fish Ponds is a pond company that designs and builds ponds and landscapes, and has two retail locations. Through our connections in Japan, we have been buying koi for our own stores and customers for many years. We are happy to offer a full line of wholesale koi fish and pond products all over the United States.
I was actually in Japan this past February during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I remember watching the news in Japan and hearing about it reaching the United States for the first time. I never would have believed that it would become this devastating.

Our latest trip to Japan was very different from previous trips. The Japanese government is not taking COVID-19 lightly. They are one of the only countries allowing business travel during this pandemic. The airport that is typically very busy was a ghost town, like a scene out of a movie. Japan is very proactive in combating the virus and seems to take every precaution to ensure the safety of the country. As an international travelers, we were very cautious and respectful of all the guidelines that were put in place by the Japanese government.

Due to these restrictions, we had to quarantine for 14 days upon our arrival in Japan. After the quarantine, we were able to start visiting breeders. We were fortunately able to participate in a few harvests with Shintaro Koi Farm. We also visited Dainichi, Maruhiro, Marusei, Yamasan and many other famous, high-quality breeders while in Japan.

All the koi we bought will be shipped to the United States in January 2021. We have thousands of koi coming in many different sizes and varieties. If you are looking to pick out premium Japanese koi for your retail store, come to our farm in New Jersey to handpick your koi just like we did in Japan! If you are unable to make the trip, please let us know, and we would be happy to ship your new koi anywhere in the United States.

Contact us today with all your koi requests:

Japanese Koi Kodama

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