Owner Brian Fitzsimmons built his first pond at age 13 in his parents backyard while they were away on vacation. In 2008 he started Fitz's Fish Ponds and has been growing the company ever since. Today we have a retail store and multiple crews building and servicing water features daily. We design, build, and service ponds, waterfalls and all other water features. Our crew is experienced, educated and most importantly creative. We believe no two ponds or water features should be the same, and no idea is too farfetched. By working closely with our clients and listening to their needs we aim to leave them with a finished product beyond their expectations. Whether it's cleaning a pond or building a massive waterfall you can be sure the Fitz's Fish Ponds crew will fully dedicate their love, passion, and knowledge to your water feature.
Healthy Koi

Language of Koi | Keeping Koi Healthy with Water Quality

By Brian Fitzsimmons / October 25, 2022 / 0 Comments

Most pond owners come to have a passion not only for the aesthetic of their pond, but also for the aquatic life that inhabits it. At Fitz’s Fish Ponds, our passion lies with Japanese koi. Over the past decade, we have learned a lot about the optimal ways to keep koi healthy. Everything heavily relies […]

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Enhancing Water Features With Hardscaping and Landscaping

By Brian Fitzsimmons / April 29, 2022 / 0 Comments

In today’s world, pond and koi enthusiasts don’t just want a home for their fish. They want a full showcase.  When integrating hardscaping around the pond, the whole backyard is brought to life. Stonework and landscaping not only complement the pond aesthetically, but they also add more functionality to the space. We have been able […]

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Pond Construction | Backyard Pond and Patio Makeover

By Brian Fitzsimmons / December 27, 2021 / 1 Comment

My team and I — Fitz’s Fish Pond — have been building beautiful water feature and waterscapes all over the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for almost 10 years now. It has been amazing to introduce the aquaculture hobby to so many incredible people. Over the years, some projects have stood […]

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Koi Water Feature Meets Customer’s ‘Centerpiece’ Expectations

By Brian Fitzsimmons / June 4, 2021 / 0 Comments

Fitz’s Fish Ponds started building this project in the summer of 2018. The customer, who is a koi fish enthusiast, had a blank canvas for his courtyard and wanted a beautiful water feature to be the centerpiece. I knew the type of koi the customer likes, so we recommended he build a formal, 10,000 gal. […]

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Back to Japan for Brian Fitzsimmons and Fitz’s Fish Ponds!

By Brian Fitzsimmons / December 29, 2020 / 0 Comments

Fitz Fish Ponds is a pond company that designs and builds ponds and landscapes, and has two retail locations. Through our connections in Japan, we have been buying koi for our own stores and customers for many years. We are happy to offer a full line of wholesale koi fish and pond products all over […]

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Video | How to Migrate Exotic Hi Utsuri Koi

By Brian Fitzsimmons / December 7, 2017 / 0 Comments

Take a ride with Brian Fitzsimmons of Fitz’s Fish Ponds as he provides an inside look at a koi migration to a bigger pond for a client. Fitz’s Fish Pond implemented this new design at the client’s house and then offered their services for the koi migration, along with Francesco “the fish doctor” and John […]

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Unique Pond Completes New Patio Project

By Brian Fitzsimmons / December 2, 2015 / 0 Comments

Keeping the pond crystal clear with little maintenance was definitely a priority for Matt. Considering the pond would also be stocked full of koi,

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