Atlantic-OASE Introductory & Intermediate Water Feature Training

Published on December 12, 2022

Join Atlantic-OASE for two-day hands-on training events at the Atlantic-OASE headquarters in Aurora, Ohio. Designed specifically for the professional contractor, these sessions showcase all Atlantic-OASE has to offer. Learn about water feature products, best installation practices and the profitability of water features. Choose from two different sessions based on the description that best fits your level of experience. With a few dates still available during the winter season, learn how to incorporate a new revenue stream to your business. Introductory and intermediate courses are available. 

Our introductorysSession is made for contractors who have never installed or have minimal experience installing water features and are looking to incorporate a new revenue stream to their business through basic water feature installation of fountains, formal spillways and small waterfalls. Available dates: Jan. 17–19 and March 7–9, 2023.

The intermediate session is for contractors who have installed basic water features, such as fountains or formal spillways, and looking to learn more about sizing, specing, maintenance and installing ponds and waterfalls. Available dates: Feb. 7–9, 2023.
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