Outdoor Network Services Launches New Online Marketing Services for Outdoor Service Businesses

Published on December 16, 2022

Outdoor Network Services (Previously P.O.N.D. Services) has upgraded its online marketing services to include a new online locator and advanced website design for its online marketing services.

“There are a lot of contractors in this industry who try to manage and design their own website and online marketing. I always ask our potential customers if they are a pond builder or a website designer,” says Outdoor Network Services Founder B.J. Linger.

“Too often, contractors try to build their website and manage their online marketing themselves because of financial reasons or the challenges involved with relaying their business services and story to a development team. The problem is that the knowledge, time and energy involved with managing online marketing can be overwhelming and distracts them from focusing on their business.”

Linger and Outdoor Network services co-owner Jeff Duggins have more than 25 years of combined experience in the pond and water feature industry. Their knowledge of running a business in the industry gives them a strategic advantage over other web development and online marketing companies.

“Our proprietary local business locator for outdoor service businesses, website design services, paid advertising management and online reputation management services is specifically designed to connect outdoor service professionals with homeowners seeking their services.” Duggins says.

“Through integrated online listing services and cutting-edge, secure, responsive website designs, we guarantee that our customer’s business shows up when people search online for the services they offer in their service areas. There are no tricks or gimmicks. We simply unite homeowners with quality outdoor service businesses.”

Learn more at https://marketing.outdoor-network.services

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