Your Pond Farm Announces 2022 Show Dates

Published on September 8, 2022

The 2022 Your Pond Farm Trade Show will be taking place on Wednesday, Oct. 19 and Thursday, Oct. 20. Your Pond Farm will be revealing what to expect for the upcoming season. There will be giveaways and so much more! Do not miss this educational event. Food Trucks will be here for your convenience. The show is open for contractors, wholesalers, dealers, garden centers and pets stores but not to the general public. The trade show will be held at Your Pond Farm, located at 117 Cronrath Road in Barto, Pennsylvania.

Come hear the state of the pond lining industry, followed by an EPDM seaming class hosted by Jim Daulerio, Firestone (Elevate) PondGard Representative.

Topics of discussion include:

– Firestone name change

 – Supply shortages; why supply has been so limited

– Raw material cost increases

– When we can expect change

– What product to use and when

– PondGard Accessories and their benefits

RSVP today by calling 877/412-FARM (3276) or by emailing

Japanese Koi Kodama

3 thoughts on “Your Pond Farm Announces 2022 Show Dates”

  1. Hi , I hope I’m just missing something but for the world of me I can’t find where the shows address is listed on either the magazine or the website. Please help thanks.

    1. Avatar photo

      Good point Lowell.
      I don’t see it either, but I know that they mentioned that the show will actually be at their place of business this year.
      The address is:
      117 Cronrath Rd,
      Barto, PA 19504.

      1. Avatar photo

        Hi Nancy

        You do have a lot of questions that are mostly answered by my article “Overwintering Pond Fish Indoors”.

        That size stock tank will be good but make sure you keep it covered when you move the fish indoors. Goldfish are not as good of jumpers that Koi are but they still jump especially when moved from a larger pond to a smaller tank. Yes, no gravel on the bottom — that allows you to check to make sure that all the food has been eaten as well as it allows you to easily remove excess sediment that settled in the bottom. That sediment can be fish droppings.

        Get a canister filter to not only circulate the water but it will remove sediment as well. By circulating the water you are aerating it. This is the process of making sure there is enough oxygen in the water. If the water becomes stagnant (no circulation) then the fish could suffocate from lack of oxygen.

        I always like to add additional aeration by using an air pump with an air stone in the tank. This insures you have enough oxygen in the water.

        Remember those water changes that I recommend in the article.
        Have fun water gardening. Jamie

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