September / October 2009

Improve Communication with Six Key Steps to Better Pond Sales Tactics

We all sell. In dealing with your customers it is important that your communication style, and your appearance dispel any notion of the “salesman” stereotype. Pam tells you about her personal experiences and shows you what not to do as well as sharing six important things you should do. This will help you succeed in the never ending quest to find and keep loyal customers.

Are Your Days Crazy? Take Control

How do you take back control of your hectic, busy, crazy, chaotic days? You simply cannot be at your most effective if you are running around, putting out fires, and getting stressed out. Expert Leo Babauta will tell you how to take back control of your day. One example is “Control Incoming Communications.”

Pond Design | Plants versus Rock Edges

The first question is what do your clients’ think are prettier–rocks or plants? It is time to leave the old style rock pit behind and to move into a new, prettier future of water garden pond building? Learn how to make that pond a real water garden, reduce your labor, increase your profits and get great referrals.

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