November / December 2013

PONDER THIS: How first impressions can sink or swell your business

This bit of wisdom has been attributed to Will Rogers, Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain. Regardless of the origins of the quote, it continues to ring true in most facets of life — including your business. I suspect that most of you who are reading this are the best at what you do in your …

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PONDS for Peace: Part 2

In 2010, an earthquake demolished the city of Léogâne, Haiti, destroying buildings, homes and families en masse. In Part Two of his heart-wrenching report, Rick Bartel outlines the efforts of Water for the World to restore hope and beauty to this ravaged town — and the effect pond philanthropy has on those who are willing to donate time and effort to the cause.

PONDEMONIUM 2013: Fit for the Fight

The water gardening industry is made up of passionate, knowledgeable experts, and few events do more to nurture this group than PONDEMONIUM. With networking and trainingsessions, workshops and even advanced building projects, 2013’s event was no exception. See how this year’s PONDEMONIUM brought pond-lovers and professionals together and prepared them to “Get Fit for the Fight.”

Carpeting the Pond

While our backyard ponds are typically attractive, healthy and well- managed, a neglected stormwater pond offends the eyes and nose in equal measure. But with a little soil improvement and the proper shoreline plantings, Kelly Billings will show you how these ugly drainage areas can be transformed into beautiful natural areas that delight visitors and raise property values.

Less is More: Turning an eyesore into a sight for sore eyes

When a potential customer showed John Loudon her enormous backyard space, he saw an opportunity for a very special water feature. The only thing standing in the way: a 100-foot dilapidated waterfall and pond structure, out of commission for years. See how John and his team at Artistic Design Garden Ponds turned an eyesore into a magnificent new waterfall.

Grow Your Own Menu

Do the creatures in your beloved pond ever make you hungry? If not, you’ll be surprised to read Jim Kennedy’s article on raising fish specifically for the dinner table! With a few supplies and a little know-how, you can enjoy fresh trout that come straight from your pond to your plate.

The Ponics Solution: Why new growing methods are the fix we didn’t know we needed

The health of our nation relies upon a nutritious and chemical- free diet. Yet with America in a state of emergency drought, safe, organic food is prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, new technologies are available that allow fresh, organic food to be grown more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. Mike Garcia explains how hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics make the nutrient- rich water in our ponds more valuable than ever.

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