March / April 2014

Divide and Conquer: The unique romance of plant propagation

While they may not wine and dine like we do, the plants in your pond reproduce with frequency that would make Hugh Hefner blush! Nature’s bountiful procreation strategy provides big opportunities for growers — if they know how to harness it. Do you know the differences between division, viviparous parenthood and tissue culture? If not, be sure to read Paula Biles’ story on the romance that is plant propagation.

Blackbird Gift Sacs

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your well-maintained pond littered with bird poop. And thanks to the Common Grackle, many Midwestern pond owners experience this nightmare scenario on repeat! If you’re fed up with disgusting “presents” from local blackbirds, check out Jamie Beyer’s explanation (and advice).

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