March / April 2012

Can You Afford Discounts

Should you provide discounts? What are the Pro’s and Con’s of discounting? You may even be able to profit by offering discounts. When a discount is offered to you by a manufacturer do you take advantage of it, and why you should or should not. Do you know what “2/10 net 30” means? Accounting may not be your forte, so learn from a 25 year accounting professional to help you make informed decisions.

Planning for a Diversified Customer Base

Are you ready for the Gen X’s? The pond industry is always changing, new products, new designs and new customers. Do you know what your changing customer base is going to want? Learn about the importance of diversifying designs & services, the benefits of establishing business partnerships and how product knowledge is key more then ever.

Rainwater Harvesting, Now Add it to Your Business

Rainwater collection dates back 5,000 years. New technologies and equipment are making rainwater harvesting (RH) possible and in some places necessary. Did you know an “Eco-Blox” can support 14,000 lbs. Products like this have made underground storage possible. How much water can be collected from one rooftop? Find the answer to this and many other important points. Maybe even add a Pond-free water feature to go with that RH system.

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