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Published on April 24, 2019

pond water feature
Pristine water features are achievable with GreenClean®!

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For more than two decades, BioSafe Systems has pioneered effective and sustainable disease control and preventative solutions. Through hard work and innovation, we have developed a multitude of sustainable products that are unmatched in strength. Our mission is simple: to provide chemistries that do not negatively impact the health and safety of people and the environment while still being extremely effective.

GreenClean® is an embodiment of our sustainable initiative. GreenClean is trusted by industry professionals in its ability to provide commercial-strength water treatment solutions without having a negative impact on the environment. The “magic” of GreenClean is its ability to produce immediate, visible results without the use of copper, metals or any other harsh chemicals. Homeowners, landscapers and water artisans alike can achieve professional results with our GreenClean products.

greenclean algae remover
GreenClean® LiquidFX and GreenClean Granular kills algae and clears water on contact, producing results almost immediately after application.

Pond and water feature maintenance is a never-ending battle. A pristine water feature is one that is kept healthy and clear through regular care. Algae, muck and murky water are symptoms of an unhealthy aquatic ecosystem. Maintaining a pristine water feature requires attention to multiple variables, such as water quality (including temperature, pH, nutrient levels, turbidity etc.), sunlight, wildlife and location (e.g., seasonal locations, surrounded by trees, open field etc.). GreenClean® products are well known for effective algae control, but they also help improve overall water conditions, giving you more time to enjoy your water feature all season long.


GreenClean® Granular Algaecide and GreenCleanFX® Liquid Algaecide are broad-spectrum algaecides, meaning they eliminate all kinds of unsightly and odor-causing algae. Both products go to work immediately, produce visible results within two hours, break down into water and oxygen (thus leaving no residue behind) and are safe for use around people, pets and plants. GreenClean Granular Algaecide is best used as a contact treatment for string and algal mats floating on the surface of water. Contact and coverage are essential to GreenClean Granular’s effectiveness. Algae must be thoroughly and evenly covered with granules to get the best results.

GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide is ideal for more persistent algae; these tend to be planktonic green algae that appear to turn pristine water green. Liquid treatments mix easily and thoroughly throughout the water, allowing for complete coverage and maximum contact time. It also has the added benefit of running through filtration and plumbing systems, eradicating lingering spores and biofilms that commonly accumulate over time.

Both GreenClean Granular Algaecide and GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide can be used without interrupted use of water, allowing you — and any animal friends, too — to enjoy your water feature the same day of treatments. (At least one hour should be allowed for granular treatments in particular to allow for sufficient contact time.) Both our granular and liquid algaecides were developed from professional-strength products used on a commercial scale; they have simply been diluted into user-friendly, easy-to-use formats. GreenClean PRO, which is what our granular algaecide is based on, and GreenClean Liquid 5.0, which is what our FX Liquid algaecide is based on, have been used for many years by lake managers, agriculture and horticulture irrigation managers, and even by drinking water reservoirs and fish hatcheries.

algae cleaner ponds
The GreenClean Pond Care Family.

Although they are effective algaecides, GreenClean Granular Algaecide and GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide are temporary treatments of symptoms stemming from an underlying issue. Algae, bad odors, out-of-control weeds and murky water are typical symptoms of an imbalance in water quality — variables. Exessive algae, for example, generally bloom out of control when there is an excess in one or more of the following variables: nutrients, higher water temperature or increased sunlight.

Beneficial Maintenance Products

In order to keep your water feature pristine as efficiently and sustainably as possible, these variables need to be monitored and kept in check. Biologicals such as GreenClean Liquid Bacteria should be used on a regular basis to ensure that the population of natural, “good” bacteria is healthy. Beneficial bacteria are critical for maintaining healthy levels of nutrients and for consuming and eliminating dead organic material that builds up over time. The bacteria outcompete algae for food and thus minimize the need for direct algae treatment with chemicals. This controls the underlying cause rather than just the symptom. Products such as GreenClean pH Up and pH Down utilize natural, nontoxic ingredients to rebalance pH when needed. GreenClean 02+ can be used following larger algae treatments or in extreme heat to boost available oxygen in the water.

Whether you need an immediate solution for algal blooms, or if you would like to have a holistic, natural, systemic approach to keeping your water feature beautiful and pristine, BioSafe Systems’ lineup of GreenClean products has you covered!

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