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Published on January 25, 2017

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The pond and water garden industry’s constant push to stay relevant in the age of information can be traced back a couple of centuries —all the way back to the physical publishing of articles and books. Pond enthusiasts in the 21st century still love picking up books and magazines for information on pond keeping, but modern pond keepers have many choices these days when it comes to how they take in information.

Pond Water Garden Podcast
Mike Gannon, the creator of the Pond Hunter Radio Podcast.

The pond and water garden industry has reached well beyond print these days, making a splash in television with some shows dedicated to the hobby and lifestyle. The internet is inundated with numerous pond and water garden websites. Social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are overflowing with video content and images related to the lifestyle and hobby of pond keeping and water gardening. And now, the pond and water garden industry is streaming with its very own podcast.

Podcasting is the hottest trend in social media, and The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast (PHRB) is dedicated to the pond and water garden industry. The PHRB is a show that is in the pursuit of all things aquatic, featuring a wide range of topics for pond keepers, koi enthusiasts, water gardeners and the aquatically obsessed. The show is hosted by Mike Gannon, a pond professional and owner of Full Service Aquatics, a pond and water garden company based in Summit, NJ. The FSA main office also doubles as The Pond Hunter’s recording studio.

The show features some of the biggest names in the world of pond keeping and discusses any topic related to ponds and water gardens. Koi keeping advice, water gardening tips, pond care how-tos and even pond lifestyle segments like an on-air wine tasting are available for listening with the click of a button. Podcasts can be heard live or downloaded and listened to while driving, working out or walking the dog — anywhere and everywhere the listener is comfortable. The Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast can be found through various podcast host sites like the Pond Hunter’s home page, www.blogtalkradio.com/thepondhunter, or you can check out the podcast on iTunes under thepondhunter. And now, the podcast can even be found on YouTube www.youtube.com/thepondhunter!

Interested in being a guest? Have a topic you’d like to discuss? Reach out to Mike Gannon from the Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast to get on the air.

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Podcasts are easy to share and can be a great way to connect with new, existing or potential customers who may have questions regarding an aspect of pond keeping. Simply send them a podcast on the topic for them to enjoy. Podcasts are easy — some organizational skills needed — to create, and pond professionals can use them as an effective way to market their business and build credibility in the marketplace. A podcast can be used as an evergreen method of marketing that will stay relevant for years to come. Podcasting is just starting to find its feet in the ever-expanding pool of social media, so hop in and get wet with your own pond and water garden podcast, or take a few minutes to check out and share The Pond Hunter’s podcast.


Interested in being a guest? Have a topic you’d like to discuss? Reach out to Mike Gannon from the Pond Hunter Radio Broadcast to get on the air. He can be reached at mgannon@fullserviceaquatics.com or 908/277-6000.

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