Pond Construction – Carol G. Simon Cancer Center Project

Published on July 1, 2012


Full Service Aquatics (FSA) was recently involved with a project that was very close to heart. FSA was asked to create a water feature at the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center inside of a small atrium area that is in the direct view of the waiting area for patients and their family members who are at the Center for cancer treatments. We knew that those who would be viewing this water feature would need a lot of positive distraction to get their minds off of the reasons they were in this waiting area in the first place, so we went all out to create something extra special.

Working inside of a hospital presented some challenges in the way of organizing the project. We set up in a hallway, carefully wheeling in all the rockwork and materials little by little through the hospital hallways. Everything had to be pre-washed before going into the hospital. We got lots of second looks as we passed through the hospital with big rocks on carts! Our work area was very small and cramped. I got to know my guys a little better over those couple of days!

For this project we tore out the old prefabricated “pond” that was already in the atrium and I built a small koi and goldfish pond with 2 waterfalls coming in from different angles. The positioning of the waterfalls allowed for views of cascading water no matter where the viewer was seated. We did lots of detail work to keep the viewers’ eyes and minds busy instead of thinking about the problems they are experiencing. The colorful fish swimming cheerfully in the pond always bring a smile to everyone. We used submersible LED lighting to make sure that this feature looks great for those who are spending long nights waiting in this area. We landscaped the atrium with beautiful low maintenance landscape plants.

The project took four of us three days of working morning until night to expedite the project. Aquascape components were used for all the equipment. The entire time we worked the glass viewing area was covered over with cardboard to keep the project out of site until the reveal was ready. Once everything was up and running we had quite a crowd gather in the hallway to see what we had been up to over the last few days. When the covers were removed from the glass panels, the staff, patients, and onlookers were delighted. It was truly a very happy and light moment in an area that can sometimes be very heavy.

Full Service Aquatics builds all of our projects with great pride in what we do, but this particular project will hold a special place for FSA. We were honored to be a part of it. If this waterfall and pond allows those in that waiting area even one moment of troubles to be forgotten then it is one of our most successful projects.

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