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Pond Company Videos Attract Customers for Tennessee Technicians

The company builds a pondless water gem in the arid desert of Scottsdale, Ariz., with Gerard Touhey!

Nationwide water feature building in Scottsdale, AZ.

Tennessee Technicians’ water features division emerged two years ago, but I’ve always been a big proponent of company videos and have been producing exciting project videos for over ten years. In 2018, our first pond company video was produced and captured our first pondless waterfalls feature. We love Youtube videos and social media — find our Youtube Channel here.

Dream Team of pond builders!

After our first pond video, Tennessee Technicians water features division started receiving many requests for backyard waterfalls. One of our favorites was a really steep waterfall build that flowed into a small koi pond for my longtime friends, Misty and Patrick. It was a build with no machinery, too! And the next project was an existing koi pond rip-out and complete rebuild.

These koi pond projects led to one job that put us on the map nationwide, a koi pond next to an already existing pool. This project had a koi pond with three separate series of waterfalls! All of these projects are raising the fun factor at Tennessee Technicians and these videos helping draw in customers.

A recent customer from Scottsdale, AZ, called me after seeing one of our Youtube videos and wanted a special build in the desert! Plus, I was able to bring in Gerard Touhey out to this beautiful location, where a 40-ft pondless waterfall feature snakes down in front of the patio. The waterfall has multiple drops, three in total, and uses Atlantic’s copper spillway bowl.

The project is a collaboration with Gerard and myself, as I received approval from the Country Club Association earlier this year and planned on a build in early 2020. Covid-19 rescheduled the project, so Gerard and our contractor team regrouped this Fall in Arizona and built this waterfall project for our client.

Forty foot pondless waterfalls with Atlantic’s copper spillway bowl.

“You have made my dreams come true” are the words from the Scottsdale client after completion. The big takeaway from this project is persistence and collaboration pays off.

So keep building ponds and producing great videos, as I look forward to making more customers’ dreams come true!

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