Periscope Provides Live Recordings at Pond Sites

Published on October 24, 2015

Eric Triplett recording from a recent pond installation.
Eric Triplett recording from a recent pond installation.

I can hear the cries now. “Another social media platform? Really? When will it stop? I don’t have time for the ones I’m already dabbling in!” Like it or not, social media is the advertising billboard of today’s electronic world. Whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter or another, the best way to promote your business and your brand — especially to the younger generation — is social media.

If you’re one of the “I don’t need social media” naysayers, then stop right now. Don’t waste any more of the time you don’t have on this article and move on to the next one. This information isn’t for you; go read another article on the great debate between rock and gravel and bottom drains.

I’m not here to convince anyone of the importance of social media. I’m here to help those of you who want to market your businesses and your brands on the newest and fastest-growing social media platform the Internet has ever seen.

A Staggering Debut

Periscope is the latest craze in social media. It made its appearance March 26, 2015 and is being downloaded by the masses at a staggering rate. Believe it or not, Periscope is growing faster than YouTube did.

Aqua UV
Less than five months old, Periscope has already shocked the world! On August 17, 2015 there was a horrible bombing in Bangkok, Thailand. A civilian with the Periscope app on his phone immediately started a “Live Broadcast” to report the news of this tragic event. That Scope went viral because it beat the actual news reporters to the scene by over an hour! Think about that for a minute. Periscope is a game changer that will impact the world in ways we have yet to discover!

Operating the Periscope

In a nutshell, Periscope is a “live broadcasting” app that allows you to go live on a global stage. Viewers can type in comments and questions while you are broadcasting, just like they are texting you. It’s a fun and effective way to engage your audience. If your viewers like the content you are offering they can tap the screen and give you hearts to show you they love what you are talking about. Viewers can share your broadcast with the swipe of the screen and viewers can engage with each other on the broadcast in the comments.

I’m going to share with you what I have discovered and give you a plan of attack to put in place so you can Scope today and start seeing results immediately! As Autumn Calabrese said: “Don’t put it off ‘till tomorrow; today is your only guarantee.”

Things to know about Periscope

1. Find WIFI! This app can consume your data plan quickly.

2. You can host private live broadcasts to select followers.

3. You can give the broadcaster hearts by tapping the screen.

4. You can only give or receive 500 hearts per person per broadcast.

5. Periscope is time-sensitive. The broadcast disappears after 24 hours.

6. The last few seconds of your broadcast get cut from the replay. Pause for 10 seconds before you quit the scope.

7 When you “flip-screen” the camera there is an audio delay. Stop talking during the flip.

I’m here to help you present yourself on Periscope like a rock star right from the start. I don’t want to see people ignoring your Periscope notifications because they watched a few pointless scopes you did late one Saturday night while you were drinking too much Maker’s Mark…or the one when you watched the grass grow for awhile…or the one when you were walking around a party shouting into the camera.

Plan of Attack

Here are some of the steps I take to ensure engagement from my Periscope audience and replay viewers.

ONE — You need to have an action plan. Do us all a favor: don’t go live and just wing it. You’ll need more than a prayer to retain viewers if you do.
Plan what you’re going to talk about and in what order you’re going to say things, and don’t get sidetracked. Have a purpose and convey it. Whether your purpose is instructing people, reviewing products or explaining a service you can perform, make sure your viewers know why they’re watching and be sure you give them what they came for and more.

Eric promotes The Helix Nation with Benjamin Timmermans, Brad Cazee and Michael Northway on Periscope.
Eric promotes The Helix Nation with Benjamin Timmermans, Brad Cazee and Michael Northway on Periscope.

Make sure that your topic is not too long, but don’t rush through your broadcast. Stay long enough to get your point across and engage your attendees.
A magic number for me is three … but of course, my last name is Triplett! I typically hit three points hard, but don’t go too deep. Three secrets, three tips, three tricks or three reasons attached to my topic.

TWO — Begin marketing your Scope as soon as you have your topic and time. Tell your fans and followers on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, et cetera and let everyone know what time you’re going to Scope and what you’ll be talking about. And do not be late to your own scope!

I’ve literally had to pull over to the side of the road to get some Scopes up on time, but my audience knows I’ll be there when I say I will, and they are there waiting for me.

THREE — The first 10-20 seconds of your Live Broadcast are only seen by the people who watch the replay, so take that time to thank them for watching the replay. Your live viewers can’t get on fast enough to catch you welcoming the replay viewers.

FOUR — Always, always, ALWAYS introduce yourself. Tell the viewers who you are, where you’re located and the name of your business, and give a brief summary of your qualifications.

Periscope is a global platform so you will frequently have new people watching who don’t know who you are. With a solid introduction and good content you might catch a few new followers. Viewers need to know who you are and why they should listen to what you have to say.

FIVE — Introduce the topic of your Scope and reassure viewers that you are going to provide them with valuable content. Here’s where it’s helpful to have a killer topic with an interesting title. Here is where you either lose attendees or get them excited about the topic. When you get them excited about the topic the “hearts” will flow and the “shares” will roll!

Sidebar >> 7 Tips for Killer 
Periscope Broadcasts

You are now about 2-3 minutes into your Scope and the majority of your Scope groupies are now on your live broadcast (or they can’t make it and will be watching the replay). This means you are ready to roll!

SIX — Welcome people to your Scope — by name. People love to hear their names announced over the air. People get pumped when you call out their names on a live broadcast. Trust me on this one; people love it!

Periscope social mediaEarlier I talked about using a three-topic Scope. If that is your game plan, then here are your next couple tips to Periscope glory.

SEVEN — Start covering your topic points. After completing your second point, ask your viewers for shares and follows. Tell them how to do it (watch one of my live broadcasts for this tip in action) and then thank them quickly as you see them doing it. Yes, you will see them actually sharing it at the moment they do it. It’s live, so you can actually watch it happen. It’s very cool.

At this time you can also tell them that in a minute you will get to your third point — that you’re going to do a quick recap at the end of the Scope for latecomers, and you will then answer questions from your loyal and lovely viewers.

EIGHT — Get to the third point and then make an announcement about the time and content for your next Scope. Remember, you’re trying to create groupies who will hopefully want your product or services, so get them to follow you for more valuable information. One of the most effective ways to create loyal followers is to give away value.

NINE — We’re in the home stretch. This is when Victor Espinoza lets American Pharoah have his head so he can blow everyone away, just like you’re going to do!

Engage your viewers! Answer questions, and most importantly, thank your viewers by name. No joke: they will love you! I’m not sure if I’ve emphasized that point enough. Thank them for taking precious time (the most valuable thing anyone has) and spending it with you on your live broadcast. They stopped whatever they were doing to watch you. Thank them for it.

FINAL NOTE — Remind your Periscope attendees of your upcoming Scopes, and freeze for 10 seconds before shutting off your phone.

There you have it. Follow this simple outline and go for it! Sure, your first few live broadcasts might be a little weak. But just like building water features, the more you do, the better you get at the craft.

Follow me on Periscope to watch this plan in action. Have fun and be creative. You’re going to love it, and if you do it right, your fans and followers are going to love it, too! I’ll catch you on Periscope! BOOM!!

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3 thoughts on “Periscope Provides Live Recordings at Pond Sites”

  1. Eric, that was a brilliantly written, effective, engaging and useful article. I am NOT about social media but I’ll be following your next ‘scope! That’s why we love ya baby!

    1. Thanks Demi!

      I’m always inspired by your undying passion and drive for the industry.

      Glad I could return the favor and get you excited about this new platform!

  2. This was BRILLIANT. We read this just after watching your last ‘scope and wow, you’ve got it nailed. Saving this link for future reference and for anyone in our new Periscope audience. *fist bump*

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