New OASE ProfiClear Premium Compact L – Gravity Fed

Published on October 23, 2022

The OASE ProfiClear Compact L – Gravity Fed is a flow-through pond filter, set down level with the pond and connected to a separate pump module, that removes suspended solids and toxins such as ammonium, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. The ProfiClear filter module sits outside the pond and connects to a separate pump module, so the pump is also outside the pond. This guarantees both excellent water quality and unsurpassed safety, especially when used with OASE 12-volt Aquamax Eco Expert pumps, suitable for recreational pond use. Water first passes through a drum covered by screens that filter out particles down to 80 microns, then through a moving-bed section, where floating media covered with biofilm polish the water. Additional moving-bed modules may be added to handle recreational and koi ponds of any size.

This is the most sophisticated, lowest-maintenance filter ever designed. The drum filter cleans itself by flushing debris off the screens and down a drain whenever a sensor detects a backup. It can be also be set for timed cleanings, or you can fully control and monitor your ProfiClear Compact-L Gravity Fed filter via Wi-Fi with the Easy Garden Control (EGC) system from anywhere in the world (not included). A digital temperature display keeps you informed of water temperatures on a built-in display or via Wi-Fi. When temperatures drop, a slide valve easily drains the filter for winterizing.

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