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Published on April 28, 2024

“Being part of the WL Franklin Memorial Build that paid tribute to an amazing man could be summed up with two words: family and memories. To work alongside pond builders from three countries to create a 190-foot stream with wetland that flowed into a natural pond was an incredible experience.
This allowed me to reconnect and catch up with some and meet others whom I knew only through social media. Working alongside or watching those I consider more talented than I was both inspiring and motivating. Being able to have my wife Linda Siderius and our three-year-old grandson Ryker come along for the event was truly a blessing. We made so many memories of our own on this eight-day trip that required 15 hours of driving each way to attend. We weren’t sure how taking a three-year-old to this event would go, but Ryker enjoyed seeing the machines and the guys working. He even collected rocks in his John Deere hat at the top of the stream and had me carry them down to the bottom so he could put them in the end of the stream where it flowed into the pond. He met so many and, even though shy at first, did warm up as the event went on. I am forever grateful to be able to help create this memorial in the memory of WJ Franklin. I have also been blessed to create many memories of our own.”

– Marvin Siderius, WaterScapes by Bloom ‘N Dales

Initially I felt, in equal measure, rewarded and challenged by this. Although upon reflection, I realize that when we are respectful of each other and willing to learn, there is always something of benefit to be had. Great things were achieved in a relatively short term by people with a common goal. The wider society has a bit to learn from the pond fraternity. You should all be very proud! I am genuinely delighted to have been part of this build. I am also delighted to have been able to introduce my son to a bunch of foreigners, who made us, on their own territory, feel nothing but welcome and part of something that I am quite sure young Tom will remember fondly for the rest of his days.

Ian Menzies
Imas Aquatic Services

Atlantic Oase Reward Program

“My ability to give back to the industry where I have learned so much. It’s amazing how everything came together and how many people came to help as well as learn. This was the first build of its kind for me — working to get everything prepared ahead of time and then keeping everything going to meet the vision that was created in the design. Ultimately, it’s the look on a family’s faces when everything is complete that drives me, along with creating lifelong experiences and memories.”

Larry Carnes
Reflections Water Gardens

To me, the pond-building community is much more than a group of hardworking, dedicated workers. This group is family. They have accepted me as a member of their family, and I feel blessed and honored to know them all. It was such an honor to be invited to this very special event to work side by side with some of the most amazing and passionate people in the industry. Time spent with this group truly enriches my heart and soul!

– Joe Carter
Stone Plus

“A commitment to participate in the Bedrock Memorial Build was a no-brainer for me. The Bedrock family will always have special place in my heart, and having the opportunity to honor the family tree was a privilege. The opportunity to work side by side with Larry Carnes and his incredibly talented team was a big draw for me, with
the icing on the cake being the camaraderie and connection time with my fellow pond builders from around the world.”

– Eric Triplett
The Pond Digger

“The Memorial Build was an amazing opportunity to hang
around some of our industry masters that I had never met
in person, but had been following on their social media
platforms for years. When I saw the list of attendees
beforehand, I knew I had to be at this Memorial Build.
I’ve always wanted to attend a contractor build of this type,
and it was perfect timing, as our construction season is still
shut down in Canada.”

Geert Meganck
Geert’s Land & Waterscapes

Aqua UV

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