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Published on April 14, 2020

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With minimal heat emission, underwater LED lighting is safe for fishes and other living organisms in and around water features.

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Proper illumination is an essential element of all water feature projects, including ponds, natural swimming pools, fountains, streams and waterfalls. Installing a professional lighting system adds another layer of customization and allows designers to showcase their creative abilities. With the correct use of low-voltage landscape lights, you can make your water features beautiful and eye-catching day or night.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

An artistic combination of light and water can create stunning, surreal effects in a waterscape.

Low-voltage landscape lighting creates ambiance, enhances beauty, accentuates spaciousness and improves security for both residential and commercial properties. When illuminating water features, it’s important to create a design that harmonizes with your overall landscape plan. In most cases, a combination of underwater lighting and external landscape lighting provides the most beautiful and functional results. Illuminating both the water and the structure of your water features produces greater drama between light and shadow. This creates visual interest and movement, giving your outdoor living areas more dimension at night.

Before designing your waterscape lighting, identify the mood you want to create. With the correct equipment and proper design, you can create a brilliant display that will engage your guests with a dazzling combination of water and light.

Quality Matters

Quality matters when selecting lighting fixtures, and some factors can’t be compromised. Whether searching for submersible pond lights, recessed underwater lights or perimeter spotlights, professionals should pay particular attention to a few key details.

Illuminating both the water and structure of a water feature produces drama between light and shadow and creates dimension.

For example, cold-forged brass is better suited for water-related conditions because it’s less porous than aluminum, steel or copper. Ingress protection (IP) ratings and watertight features are important for ensuring that the fixtures can stand the test of time in a waterscape setting. New LED technologies combine powerful light output with efficient energy consumption and also conveniently place advanced customization at the fingertips of professional designers. With little to no heat emission, LED lighting is also safe for fish and other organisms that may be sensitive to heat.

Miniature LED pond lights can highlight decorative water features and make them beautiful and eye-catching at day or night.

Installing low-voltage landscape lighting is an excellent complementary service to many specialized trades — especially for water feature and landscape professionals. However, it’s crucial that the purchasing process is streamlined, products are affordable and installation is simple. At AMP Lighting, we make the day-to-day operations of a lighting business quick and simple. As one of the industry’s leading landscape lighting wholesale suppliers, AMP offers competitive, contractor-protected pricing on professional-grade landscape lighting products with free shipping, lifetime warranties and unrivaled customer support. By offering lighting design services, your business can expand its service portfolio and drive additional revenue. Take the first step by applying to become an AMP PRO today by visiting!

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