First Custom Glass Koi Aquarium at Fitz’s Fish Pond

Published on August 26, 2022

The barn at Fitz’s Fish Pond Headquarters went under major renovations, and the results are simply beautiful! A new pergola and patio with synthetic turf, a water garden with a waterfall, an awesome outdoor kitchen with a wood-fire pizza oven and a custom glass koi aquarium.

This glass koi aquarium is the first ever built by FFP, and we are excited to be able to bring this into our customers’ outdoor entertainment space. This glass koi aquarium utilizes a 4-inch-thick acrylic glass and spans 4 by 8 feet, providing an optimal viewing window for homeowners to enjoy. The size of the glass viewing window can be tailored to a customer’s preference. This amazing 8,000-gallon formal pond was built with two 4-inch aerated bottom drains from Evolution Aqua, a 36-inch K+ Pressure Filter, and a 110-watt EvoUV, all which work to provide aeration while keeping the water crystal clear for the koi and the homeowner to enjoy. 

Throughout the course of this build, we received some guidance and advice from some additional experts in the industry. Tim Waddington from Quality Nishikigoi and Mark McKinney from Clearly Aquatics came and helped us tweak a few things with this build. We learned a lot while building this pond, and we can’t wait to showcase these koi with more builds just like this one. This is the perfect feature for a koi enthusiast to enjoy their prized koi from all angles.

This project also features a hybrid water garden with advanced filtration. One of the highlights here is the massive 10-foot piece of bluestone that was sourced from a friend’s property in Pennsylvania. The bluestone not only acts as a bridge, but it also stops the flow of the waterfall just enough so that the viewer gets a crystal-clear, still-water view of the koi while they still benefit from the aeration. This build utilized an undergravel suction grid, a 24-inch K+ Pressure Filter, a 55-watt EvoUV and a tempest filter. 

We love continuing to advance in our industry, and these glass koi aquariums are one way we want to bring our business to the next level while offering a new way for koi lovers and hobbyists to view and appreciate their koi!

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