Ponds: Miracle Water is Possible!

Published on December 28, 2014

Water quality and clarity are extremely important in any fish retail setting. Live koi and goldfish are very appealing when happily swimming in crystal clear water. An aesthetically pleasing display pond draws the customer in with the soothing sounds from a babbling brook and the brilliant colors of koi and goldfish. But, if the water turns cloudy or discolored and the fish are hard to see, your aquatic sales may suffer.

Maintaining excellent water parameters can be a full-time job, depending on your filtration equipment. If you’ve ever struggled with water quality, or if water changes become overwhelming for your fish department staff, you’ll need a quality filter media to clean things up. And in our 30-plus years of experience in breeding and caring for koi, one filter media has stood out: Bacteria House Filter Media.

Bacteria House Filter Media by Momotaro Koi Farm is a ceramic media product imported from Japan. It is used primarily in multiple-tiered trickle tower filters, but is also effective when submerged underwater where an ample amount of oxygen is provided. The trickle tower, or Bakki Shower, has been used for years by serious koi hobbyists in Japan, U.K. and U.S. in their quest to grow champion koi. In fact, some koi hobbyists refer to Bacteria House Filter Media (BHFM) as the maker of “miracle water” and secret healer for their pet koi fish.


[box]A key benefit of the BHFM is versatility. It is effective when sub-merged or placed under moving water in ponds, in multi-tiered shower towers, above left, or in fish retailing tanks, far right.[/box]

As BHFM’s popularity increased it was only a matter of time until this superior filter media caught the attention of professionals and pond contractors as a solution to their water quality woes. BHFM is known for providing outstanding results in biofiltration and water clarification. It is steadily gaining popularity for use in outdoor ponds as well as in fish retailing systems.

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BHFM is very versatile. It can be easily installed as a replacement filter media or in addition to any existing media. It performs well in all situations. BHFM also has unlimited life expectancy. It will not deteriorate over time like other media, such as lava rock or plastic bio-balls. The ceramic cylinder pieces range from 6 to 14 inches in length with a diameter of approximately 2 inches. Each piece has a hole through the center and resembles a large loofah sponge. BHFM can be cut to accommodate any application. The recommended rate of use is 22 pounds (10 kg) per 500 gallons of pond water.

Ceramic media is not new to the aquarium or pond industries. There are several types on the market currently—even counterfeits—but none perform as well as the authentic Bacteria House.

Technical Information

good nitrifying bacteria
Bacteria House Filter Media before colonization with good nitrifying bacteria (left), and covered with biofilm (right) after several weeks in a system.

Bacteria House ceramic filter media is heat-treated at 1,300 degrees Celsius for 60 hours. This method of extreme heat conditioning causes the ceramic media to break its internal bonds; doing so creates an exceptionally porous structure with increased surface area. The extensive internal voids throughout allow for very large nitrifying bacteria populations to colonize within the media. Live bacteria grow and reproduce very quickly on this amazing filter media. The nitrifying bacteria go to work immediately, removing the pollutants from the water. In addition, with the considerable amount of gaps or crevices, mechanical filtration may also be achieved. Large organic solids and decaying matter are degraded very quickly, all without the blockage that generally occurs with other filter media products.

We know that tiny suspended particles in the water column will cloud pond water. Only when these particles are bound together can they be effectively removed. One of the key elements of the BHFM is that it reacts in a seemingly electrostatic manner with any floating organic material in the water column, causing an increase in adhesion rate and creating clean, clear water more quickly and efficiently.

Far Infrared

The BHFM is said to emit far infrared rays, which allow higher levels of oxygen to dissolve in the pond water. Far infrared rays discovered in natural springs have been shown to possess significant health benefits. In fact, far infrared technology is gaining in popularity as a safe and effective method of natural health care and physiotherapy for human beings, as used in infrared saunas.

The conventional use of BHFM: a multi-tiered shower tower (Bakki Shower). All tiers are filled with media and water is sprayed evenly over the top. The water is clarified and degassed as it cascades through each level before returning to the koi pond.
The conventional use of BHFM: a multi-tiered shower tower (Bakki Shower). All tiers are filled with media and water is sprayed evenly over the top. The water is clarified and degassed as it cascades through each level before returning to the koi pond.

The BHFM has an ability to effectively degas koi pond water, which lightens the load on the bio-mass, in turn making the system less KH-consuming than other conventional filtration. Another significant benefit of the Momotaro BHFM is its innate ability to bounce back following a power outage. The media naturally retains an abundant amount of water that can sustain the existing nitrifying bacteria for a period of time without water flow, such as an interruption in power or during a medication treatment when water is diverted around the biofilter.

Even in ponds that are acceptably clear, this media polishes the water to expose a mirror-like shine. Pond owners and fish retailers will notice improved water quality and increased fish vigor shortly after the implementation of the world-famous BHFM.

Developed with Passion

Bacteria House Filter Media is a ceramic product that was developed in Japan by Mr. Michio Maeda, president of the Momotaro Koi Farm. In yearning to create an ideal environment to raise his koi, Mr. Maeda spent six years developing a product that would replicate the ideal ecosystem of the Ashi River and the Bakuhanseki Spring. Both of these bodies of water are located in Japan and are known throughout the region for their infamous healing properties. The Momotaro Koi Farm uses BHFM exclusively in its koi production facilities. No other mechanical filtration equipment is necessary. The farm produces award-winning koi by only using BHFM!

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