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November / December 2023

By Lora Lee Gelles

Published on October 29, 2023

Not a Numbers Person

Lois and Lora Lee

Behind every good businessperson is a good bookkeeper. Can I get an amen? I don’t know about you, but I am not a numbers person. I can design and publish a magazine, do fine art and create a beautiful garden, but when it comes to the left side of my brain, forget about it!

If you feel much the same, be sure to hug your bookkeeper today. POND Trade’s bookkeeper and my lifelong friend, Lois, lost her fight with cancer a couple of weeks ago. For many of you who have spoken with her, you will know what a gem she was. She loved working at the magazine and checking out all the ponds and types of plants on display. Needless to say, she will be sorely missed.

Back to business at hand, we are seeing the Water Artisan of the Year entries start to come in. We can’t wait to see what you’ve all been busy building this year. Check out this year’s judges, and be sure to get your entries in by Nov. 15!

As you peruse this issue, be sure to take a look at Mike Gannon’s profile of the goldfish, Larry Nau’s feature on the micro lotus, and Jeff Weemhoff’s personal journey to 35 years at Atlantic-Oase.

And Lois, thanks for 10 years of being an integral part of the POND Trade staff and, more importantly, 60 years of being my friend. I can still hear you saying, “Lora Lee! Lora Lee! You’re talking too fast. Slow down when you ask me a question!”

Happy PONDering!

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