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July / August 2023

July / August 2023

By Lora Lee Gelles

Published on June 28, 2023

Recreational ponds have been quite the hot topic for a few years now, and it seems even more so the case this summer season. POND Trade has covered quite a few pond construction articles about these dual-purpose pond builds for wildlife and people, both in our print issue as well as in our online “Contractor’s Corner” monthly feature.

Lora Lee Gelles
Lora Lee Gelles, Publisher

As you may have noticed, we’ve got a stunning one on the cover of this issue. Rec ponds really are a different ballgame, because you have to keep in mind proper filtration and water quality for koi, pets and humans alike. As outdoor temperatures start to sizzle, I can totally understand why these pond builds are so “hot” right now!

Frayne McAtee breaks it all down for you in his article and explains the difference between recreational ponds and natural swimming pools. He also provides answers to many of the common questions customers tend to ask about them.

After you get your rec pond fix, make sure you check out everything else we’ve packed inside this issue. Ken Rust’s article on aquaponics points out a lot of the similarities between the water feature and aquaponics industries. It just might make you want to look more into it. I also enjoyed Barbi Holdeman’s article about how to run a business with your husband. I’ve been fortunate to hear her tell their story at conferences, and this article certainly does it justice. We are also happy to have Kelly Billing back to write a personal piece about the romanticism of plants. She looks back at the evolution of how she has gathered inspiration from nature over the course of her life — which I frankly found inspiring!

Finally, we are giving one more shout out to the winners of the 2022 Water Artisans of the Year contest. Don’t miss them (with their trophies!) and their smiling faces.

Happy PONDering!

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