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January / February 2024

By Joanne Costin

Published on December 31, 2023

Happy New Year!

Here we are again! It’s time for a fresh start and a brand new year as the calendar turns the page to 2024. It’s also a Leap Year, which means we get an extra day in the office this year. What are your resolutions for 2024?  

Lora Lee Gelles
Lora Lee Gelles

Here at POND Trade, we are excited to start off the new year with a new feature called Beyond the Pond.” Starting this issue, we will be featuring a series of pond builders’ hobbies, pastimes and passions when they’re not out working on ponds. We’ve been hearing for a long time that quite a few of you have some pretty fascinating interests outside our industry, so we are excited to dig in and share them with our readers!

We are kicking it off with Benjamin Timmermans, who has a passion for collecting old Volkswagens (VWs) and pretty much everything associated with them. He regularly drives cross-country for a good find, and often at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t stop there. He collects old trucks and signage and even has a 1950s Greyhound bus in his collection! I really got a kick out of his stories and photos, and as time moves on, I hope you all will enjoy learning more about your friends in the business and what they like to spend their time doing “Beyond the Pond!”

If you have a fear of heights, our cover photo might’ve given you goose bumps. Dave Duerson’s article Sourcing a Perfect Rock goes way beyond that.  We feature lots of rock-related articles in this magazine, but I think you’ll get a lot out of what Dave has to say and show in his pictures. We also have an interesting piece from Scott Finn at Airmax that discusses different power options for aerating a pond, especially when an electrical outlet isn’t within reach.

If you’d like to be featured in a “Beyond the Pond” segment and write about one of your non-pond-related hobbies, feel free to contact me at Happy New Year!

Happy PONDering!

Aqua UV

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