Tony Moore, the founder and owner of Moore Waterlilies, lives in Bethel, Ohio. Tony is a hybridizer, whose varieties have won multiple awards at the IWC and IWGS, and are currently being sold worldwide. He went to Cincinnati State University, where he studied horticulture. During his studies, Tony worked at local water garden retail shops and aquatic greenhouses, where he fell in love with waterlilies and instantly became an avid collector. He dabbled in pond and fountain building, maintaining private gardens throughout the city, but his passion was always waterlilies. After buying a farm in 2007 with his wife Dawn, he was able to expand his collection and try his hand at hybridizing. Following in the footsteps of Perry Slocum and others, Tony taught himself the art of cross pollination, and within a year he had his first hybrid. Soon to follow were his award-winning varieties, N. Pink Pom Pom, N. ˜Fuchsia Pom Pom, N. Awesome™ and N. Lemon Merengue.™ He continues to collect the rare beauties of the world to expand the possibilities for future creations.

Keys to Healthy, Thriving Hardy Waterlilies

By Tony Moore / April 27, 2017 / 0 Comments

We all want to have the best-looking ponds and water gardens with lots of beautiful, hardy waterlilies blooming all the time, but what does it really take to make a waterlily grow healthily and be a prolific bloomer throughout the entire season? A little education goes a long way when it comes to growing these […]

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